I went to 172 shows in 2014.

The count on the bands I’m a part of: Delay played 62 of them. Blue Friction played 8 of them.  Lose the Tude played 2.  Not sure how many I booked… maybe I’ll count this year.

* = ones that had some more memorable performances.

1/6/14 Taste Kinda Like Sad / Night Shift / Dream Journal @ V V K Columbus, OH

1/13/14 Blue Friction / Stella @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

*1/15/14 Check Mate / Tessaiga / No Tomorrow @ 15th Haus Columbus, OH

1/23/14 Priests / Wild Honey @ V V K Columbus, OH

1/30/14 Mosses / Parasol / All Dogs @ V V K Columbus, OH

1/31/14 Feature Films / Motel Beds / Tin Armor @ Tree Bar Columbus, OH

2/5/14 Tenement / Vacation / Crushed Velvet @ Ice Cream Factory Cincinnati, OH

2/7/14 Instaband  Christopher Robin / Fishy Fishy Go Go Go / Pett Crow / Space Jam / Suave / Tatum Cica / Trabue / Under the Docks / Underground Magic / Viktor Lillard @ Groove U Columbus, OH

2/8/14 Splashin’ Safari / Stella @ Legion of Doom Columbus, OH

2/14/14 Katherine / Trash Candy / Church of Starry Wisdom / Pretty Pornos @ V V K Columbus, OH

2/20/14 Kidz Bop / The Weaks / Blue Friction @ Dinotopia Columbus, OH

2/21/14 Instaband Finals Christopher Robin / Echolocation / Pett Crow / Strayt Laced / Tatum Cica / The Alum Creek Surf Team / Under The Docks / Underground Magic / Viktor Lillard @ Northland Performing Arts Center Columbus, OH

2/22/14 Day Creeper / Nervosas / Psychic Wheels @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

2/23/14 Ben Bennet @ Skylab Columbus, OH

Noah Shull & the Franklin County Boys @ Lost Weekend Records Columbus, OH

Mark Van Fleet / Radium Girls / The A.A’s @ Carabar Columbus, OH

2/24/14 WV WHITE / Total Request Dead @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

2/26/14 Randall Garbage @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

2/27/14 Into it. Over It. @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

3/1/14 Hud Haley & his Friends @ Lois Mann’s Columbus OH

Hot Tips / Mosses / Pretty Pornos / Penis Geyser @ Skylab Columbus, OH

3/2/14 The Patient Zeros / Bad Dates / Van Dale @ Carabar Columbus, OH

3/4/14 Raw Pony / Purple Pyramids @ Bourbon St. Columbus, OH

3/6/14 Technicolor Teeth @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

3/8/14 Delay / Sleeves / Randall Garbage @ V V K Columbus OH

3/10/14 Pett Crow / Van Dale @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

3/13/14 Slugging Percentage / Mayday / Splashin’ Safari @ V V K Columbus, OH

3/14/14 Pretty Pretty / Sega Genocide / Weird Science @ Carabar Columbus, OH

3/19/14 Unwelcome Guests / Emily and the Complexes @ Carabar Columbus, OH

*3/21/14 Sweet Poison Victim / Blue Friction @ V V K Columbus, OH

4/2/14 Delay / Total Request Dead / Taco Cat @ Carabar Columbus, OH

4/3/14 Pretty Pretty / Broadcoaster / Iron Chic @ Ace of Cups

4/5/14 Slut Castle / Dead Hand of Man @ Smiling Skull Athens, OH

4/10/14 Good Throb / Nervosas / Priests @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

*4/12/14 Teenage Strangers (1st show) / Failed Mutation / Splashin’ Safari / Satanarchy @ V V K Columbus, OH

4/14/14 She Bears / Buffalo Riders @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

4/16/14 Radiator Hospital / Sports / Pretty Pretty @ Carabar Columbus, OH

4/18/14 Al Scorch @ Rambling House Columbus, OH

4/19/14 Record Store Day@ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH  The Franklin Country Landfillers / Wayfarers / Dick Mackey / Amelia & a drummer… name? / Mahogany & Leather / Mike Shiflet / WV White / Echolocation / Envelope / Nervosas (Jeff plays solo) / Psychic Wheels / Sega Genocide

4/21/14 Counterfeit Madison / Yowler (1st show) / Frankie Cosmos / Tin Armor @ Kafe Kerouac Columbus, OH

4/23/14 Rebellum @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

*Sega Genocide / Pretty Pretty / Tweens / Nude Beach @ KOBO Columbus, OH

4/26/14 Fuck You Pay Me @ Kobo Columbus, OH

Vindictive / Wartorn / Oi Polloi / Nukkehammer / Lose The Tude @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

4/27/14 Goners / All Dogs / Waxahatchee / Swearin’ / Tyvek @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

4/30/14 Turquoise Feeling / Criminal Code @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

5/1/14 Delay / She Bears / The Yugos @ Carabar Columbus, OH

5/2/14 Nom Tchotchkes / Raw Pony / Estee Louder / The Something Somethings @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH

5/3/14 Sega Genocide @ Carabar

5/4/14 Gaze (1st show, later become didi) / Black Planet / Pretty Pretty / Goners @ V V K Columbus, OH

5/5/14 Angel Olsen / Elephant Micah / Promised Land @ Bishop  Bloomington, IN

5/10/14 Blue Friction / Stylestar / Bellows @ Grandma Ben’s Athens, OH

5/13/14 Flea Bite @ Happy Dog Cleveland, OH

5/15/14 Day Creeper / Raw Pony @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

5/18/14 Outer Spaces / Sport Fishing USA / Blue Friction @ Bourbon St. Columbus, OH

5/21/14 Hundos / Lorelle Meets the Obsolete @ Used Kids Records Columbus, OH

Catherine / Sundials / Tin Armor @ Carabar Columbus, OH

*5/23/14 CRABB FEST Rutland, OH Night I. Aneids / Meet the Neighbors / The Fury / Melyn’s band / Marissa Anderson / Pretty Pretty / Napalm Donut / Bad Fog / Desperate Pilot / Satanarchy / Rats Rest / Rag Rage / Onion Flavored Rings

*5/24/14 CRABB FEST Night II. Slut Castle / Weird Science / Serengeto / Babe Quest / Delay / Dishpit / Gaze / Sandal Stomp / Hot Mess Monster / Neanderthal / Dog Problem / Nature Boys

Delay Tour

TUES MAY 27 Akron OH 8pm @ It’s a Kling Thing 403 Kling St w/ Northwestern, Cherry Cola Champions

WEDS MAY 28 Buffalo NY 9pm  @ Broadway Joe’s 3051 Main St. w/ Mapmaker, Space Wolves, Gun Trouble

THURS MAY 29 Hopewell NJ @ 50 Snydertown Rd house show w/ Casual, Permiscuah, Stranger Cells

FRI MAY 30 New Brunswick NJ 8pm @ Cooler Ranch w/ Martha, Kicking Spit, Casual

SAT MAY 31 New Haven CT 7pm @  Osborn House w/ Martha, Spit-take, Posture and the Grizzly

SUN JUNE 1 Worcester MA 6pm @ The Firehouse w/ Martha, Uh-Huh, The Takeaways, Hoser, Jake McKelvie & the Countertops

MON JUNE 2 – Boston MA 7pm @ w/ Martha, Baja Blatz!, Parasol

TUES JUNE 3 – Portsmouth NH 9pm @ Studio 550 550 Elm St. w/ Martha, Notches

WEDS JUNE 4 – Providence RI @ 95 Empire St. w/ Martha, Spoonboy, Colour Me Wednesday, Brian Forever

THURS JUNE 5 – Northport (Long Island) NY @ P(((o)))00L P@RTY w/ Martha, Giant Peach, Hot Shot, Outta Gas

FRI JUNE 6 – Brooklyn NY 8pm @ Death By Audio 49 S. 2nd St. w/ Martha, Shellshag, Giant Peach

SAT JUNE 7- Philadelphia PA 7pm @ Golden Tea House w/ Martha, Spraynard, Twin Pines

SUN JUNE 8 – Wilmington DE 6pm @ Kool House w/ Martha, The Headies, Victory Boy, Casual

MON JUNE 9 – Baltimore (Hampden) MD 8pm @ Holy Frijoles 908 W 36th St. w/ Martha, Foozle

TUES JUNE 10 – Washington DC 7pm @ The Rocketship 1223 Decatur St. NW w/ Martha, Jail Solidarity, The Ambulars

WEDS JUNE 11 – Richmond VA 5pm Doors, Delay at 6 @ Strange Matter 929 W. Grace St. w/ Martha, Dogbreth, Cheap Girls, Andrew Jackson Jihad

THURS JUNE 12 – Clarksburg WV 6pm @ The Main Street Cafe 331 West Main Street w/ Martha, Dog Jaw, Amen Lucy, Amen, Captain Catfeesh

FRI JUNE 13 – Columbus OH 9pm @ Carabar 115 Parsons Ave OTE w/ Martha, Brat Curse, Goners

SAT JUNE 14 – Cleveland OH 7pm @ Mosh Eisley W. 99th w/ Martha, Heart Attack Man

SUN JUNE 15 – Detroit MI 7:30pm @ Trumbullplex w/ Martha, Peach Pit, Clevinger

MON JUNE 16 –  La Porte, IN 7pm @ Soap Land  603 Detroit St. w/ Martha, Boilerman, Like Bats

TUES JUNE 17 – Chicago IL 6pm @ Township 2200-2202 N. California Ave. w/ Martha, Boilerman, Nightshift

WED JUNE 18 – Indianapolis IN 8pm @ Chapel of crimes watts satellite for wholesale and distribution 22nd and Illinois w/ Martha, Who Needs You

THURS JUNE 19 – Dayton OH 9pm @ South Park Tavern 1301 Wayne Ave. w/ Martha, Riley

FRI JUNE 20 – SUN JUNE 22 Spencer IN @ Stable Studios * Plan-it-X Fest 2014
MON JUNE 23 – Lexington KY 8pm @ Gnar House 1119 Highland Park w/ Martha, The Elsinores

TUES JUNE 24 – Cincinnati OH 7pm @ Lucy Blue’s 1126 Main Street  w/ Martha, Shellshag, Purple 7, Dopamines, Vacation, Sleeves, Street Eaters

WED JUNE 25 – Pittsburgh PA 7pm @ Star Command w/ Martha, Doubting Thomas Cruise Control, Soothsayer

6/26/14 Spit Take / Kidz Bop @ Dinotopia Columbus, OH

6/27/14 Raw Pony @ Comfest Columbus, OH

6/28/14 Pretty Pornos / Strep Torso / Weird Dad / Vostok @ Skylab Columbus, OH

6/29/14 New Legga-C @ Comfest  Columbus, OH

Earthquake Bloody Jaguar / Life Mess @ Bourbon St.  Columbus, OH

6/30/14 Nasty Habit / Cancers @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

*7/2/14 Radioactivity / Bad Sports / Nervosas @ Ace of Cups  Columbus, OH

7/10/14 Dead Turquoise / Eternally Dizzy / Pretty Pretty / Reverse the Curse @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

7/13/14 Lose the Tude / Katherine / Puberty Wounds @ Cat Science  Columbus, OH

7/14/14 Tatum Cica / Mala @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

7/19/14 Kizzy Hall (1st show?) / Quarter Backs / Nice Try @ 2071 N. 4th  Columbus, OH

7/25/14 Delay / Meridian / The Gunshy / End of the Ocean @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

7/29/14 Slouch (OLY, WA) @ Bourbon St.  Columbus, OH

8/3/14 The Fury / Forced into Femininity / Black Rainbow @ Skylab  Columbus, OH

8/5/14 Worn Leather / Easy Pieces / Jordan Martin / Blessed State @ Dinotopia  Columbus, OH

8/6/14 La Luna / Elsinores @ Legion of Doom  Columbus, OH

8/8/14 Blizzard Babies / Pretty Pretty @ Bourbon St. Columbus, OH

8/9/14 Grrrls Rock Columbus Showcase @ Summit on 16th  Columbus, OH

8/10/14 Lindsays / Acid Fast / Pigeon Island / Pretty Pretty @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

8/13/14 The Planktones @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

8/14/14 Heart Attack Man / Ghost Stories / History’s History @ House with No Name  Columbus, OH

*8/16/14 Moviola / Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts / Scrawl / The Clean – late show –  Sundials / Sidekicks @ Ace of Cups  Helter Swelter 1  Columbus, OH

8/21/14 Peeple Watchin’ @ House with No Name  Columbus, OH

8/22/14 Mavis Staples @ Centennial Park  Columbus, OH

Sega Genocide @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

8/23/14 Tin Armor / LVL UP / All Dogs @ Garden Theater  Columbus, OH

8/25/14 The Something Somethings / Littlefoot / IAN / Egon Gone / Jordan O’ Jordan @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

8/26/14 OBNOX @ Ace of Cups  Columbus, OH

8/28/14 Goners / Nasty Habit @ 4th St. Grill  Columbus, OH

8/29/14 Sega Genocide / Something Somethings / WV White @ Bourbon St.  Columbus, OH FeMMe Fest

8/30/14 Grrrl Cheese / Pretty Pretty / Two Years Later / Dead Set Ready / Senor Citizen & the Border Patrol  @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

Burlap Condom / Yuze Boys / Bad Doctors / Pretty Pretty @ Bourbon St.  Columbus, OH

8/31/14 Black Planet / Reigning Sound @ Ace of Cups  Columbus, OH

9/1/14 Leggy / Underpass @ Skylab  Columbus, OH

9/2/14 Who Needs You? / Gelatinus Cube @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

9/4/14 Headies / Whiny / Jose Garza @ 15th Haus  Columbus, OH

9/5/14 Delay / Perfect Pussy / Pity Sex / Party Plates @ Mahall’s  Cleveland, OH

9/6/14 Blue Friction / Speaking Suns / Gap Tooth Grin / Blue Moon Soup / Weird Science / Sport Fishing USA

9/11/14 Aye Nako / Potty Mouth @ Beechland Ballroom  Cleveland, OH

9/13/14 Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH improv. w/ spoken work set

Blue Friction / Frisky Gibbons @ 16th on Summit (outside)

*9/20/14 Bloody Show / Deaf Wish @ Ruby Tuesday’s  Columbus, OH

9/21/14 Weird Science / Purple 7 @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

9/26/14 Mt. Eerie @ Horn Gallery Kenyon College  Gambier, OH

*9/27/14 Dylan Taylor Lehman / Lights Out / Giant Peach @ 2071 N. 4th

9/29/14 Delay /  Vyvyan / Joyride! / Nice Try / All Dogs @ 215 E. Hillside  Bloomington, IN

10/1/14 Delay / Joyride! / Van Dale @ Carabar  Columbus, OH

10/3/14 Wendy Lee / Bree / Aaron Miller (solo set) @ 2435 Adams Ave  Columbus, OH

10/4/14 UK 28 Delay / Truman Carter / The New Gentle Soul / Newish Star / Splashin’ Safari / Betty Machete & the Angry Cougars / Drift Mouth / Comrade Question

10/6/14 Pujol / Vacation / Screaming Females @ Ace of Cups  Columbus, OH

10/11/14 UK 28 Cliffs / Jon Rogers / Counterfeit Madison / The Girls! / Washington Beach Bums @ Ace of Cups  Columbus, OH

10/12/14 We / Ours @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

10/17/14 Blue Friction / John Davey / Moor Hound @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

10/19/14 Lieutenant Dance / Sin Shouters / Day Creeper / Washington Beach Bums / Gamma World  @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

10/20/14 Cassie Ramone / Winston Hightower @ Used Kids Records  Columbus, OH

10/24/14 Legion of Doom Halloween 2014 Beastie Boys / Crucifux / Dead Milkmen / Nirvana / Beat Happening / My Chemical Romance / Saves the Day  Columbus, OH

Delay tour II

10/30 @ Wonderroot – Atlanta, GA w/ The Sidekicks, All Dogs, Babes Motel, The Weaks, Not Half Bad, Three Man Cannon, My Dad, Man Up Yancey

10/31 and 11/1 @ Fest 13, Boca Fiesta – Gainesville, FL w/ Golden Bear, Junior Battles I WATCHED Spraynard, The Max Levine Ensemble, Annabel, All Dogs, The Sidekicks, Two Hand Fulls, Three Man Cannon, Sun Dials, Lemuria

11/2/14 @ 1612 – Birmingham, AL w/ The Urns, Dommel Mosel

11/3/14 @ Saturn Bar – New Orleans, LA w/ Trash Swan, Super Secret Pop-Punk Band (covering old Delay), Rough Shape

11/4/14 @ Trailer Space Records – Austin, TX w/ Lesser Beings, User Error

11/5/14 @ Trainyard – Las Cruces, NM w/ Kelly Williams

11/6/14 @ The Trunk Space – Phoenix, AZ w/ Logan Greene Electric, Daisy Face, Dog Breth

11/7/14 @ Dawg House – San Diego, CA w/ Struckout, Logan Greene Electric, Plastic City Pariah

11/8/14 @ Wulf Den – Los Angeles, CA w/ Pinned in Place, Logan Greene Electric, Spokenest

*11/9/14 @ The Boat – Oakland, CA w/ Joyride!, WUV, Yogurt Brain, Big Kitty

11/10/14 @ 1-2-3-4 GO! Records – Oakland, CA w/ Bascom, Burning Curtains, Acid Fast

11/11/14 @ 916 Douglass – Davis, CA w/ Nigel Read, Taylor Fields, Thom Stone *Delay plays 2nd time as Austin and Ryan chill set. Noise complaints. Jesse talks outside on the phone!

11/12/14 @ The Placenter – Portland, OR w/ Backbiter, Lee Corey Oswald, Defect Defect

11/13/14 @ Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ The Exquisites, Your Rival, Peeping Tomboys

11/14/14 @ Astoria Pub – Vancouver, BC w/ Pinner, Erica Freas, Poor Form

11/15/14 @ Le Voyeur – Olympia, WA w/ Dog Jaw, RVIVR

11/16/14 @ The Crux – Boise, ID w/ Tiny Moving Parts, Sheep Among Wolves, Stepbrothers

11/17/14 @ Diabolical Records – Salt Lake City, UT w/ Blade, Baby Ghosts

11/18/14 @ Hamsterdam – Denver, CO w/ Dorms, Lisa Prank, Chase Ambler

11/19/14 @ Art Lab – Fort Collins, CO w/ Defaeco, Sweetly, justinedrugs

11/20/14 @ West Wing – Omaha, NE w/ The Ridgeways, Stomach

11/21/14 @ Public Space One – Iowa City, IA w/ Pillow Fight

*11/22/14 @ Seward Cafe – Minneapolis, MN w/ Tree Blood, Begera, We / Ours

11/23/14 @ Bremen Cafe – Milwaukee, WI w/ Uh-Oh, Rechid, Begera

11/25/14 Pretty Pornos / Raw Pony / DJ Thunder Thighs @ Bourbon St.  Columbus, OH

*12/5/14 Swarming Branch / Anna Ranger / Saintseneca @ Newport  Columbus, OH

Counter Intuits / Connections @ Space Bar  Columbus, OH

12/6/14 StyleStar / Katherine / Thunder Thighs  Make Waves III @ 16th on Summit  Columbus, OH

12/9/14 Leggy / Nasty Habit @ Ace of Cups  Columbus, OH

12/15/14 Delay w/ Heart Attack Man / Prince / Lemuria @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes  Lakewood,  OH

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I’ve been working at Used Kids Records in Columbus, Ohio for the better part of two years now. On occasion, I work the register while playing DJ to the people browsing in the store. A big part of our business involves buying (cash or trade?) used records. People come upstairs with their stacks and we name a price- titles and condition taken into consideration quickly. I’m honing this fine skill as the dust to mold fights for traction in my lungs.
Recently, a gentleman came up the steps with a crate of records. He wanted to know if it’d be worth hauling up the other four based on what he had in his arms. I took a quick look at them. We’ll call them thrift store records, stuff that doesn’t sell well for us, even at a buck. Most of it would be recycled (the jackets) as packing material for shipping orders. They looked to be in good condition though and he wanted some of them to have a shot at a home before a death in the dumpster.  I made an offer. It’s funny how people who say “It’s not about the money” sing a different song when you name a figure lower than they expected. They’ve moved a decimal point into right-field-fantasy land. No one likes to get ripped off and I don’t care to be the ripper. To be honest, I probably overpaid by $5 (a manager mentioned this to me) based on what I saw and what they said about the records. Soon after, they left amicably with cash pocketed.
I started going through the records, making stacks of possible store stock. There was some Sinatra and Billie at best, lots of classical and some show tunes. Too much Al Hirt for anyone. Suddenly, the iconic art of a Blue Note Jazz LP showed its face. The manager picked it up.
“You may have saved your pants on that one,” he said. We laughed. A stroll to the computer and a few key strokes let us know it was valuable and would soon help the store make a healthy sale. We’d salvaged a piece of jazz history. Who could have known there was that rare winner hiding between the discards? We cleaned it up and played it. Donald Byrd’s Byrd in Flight soared over our heads as we worked along below.
Over dinner with my family last weekend I recalled the story, mostly to put my dumb luck on display. I also wanted to give an idea of what people and institutions are willing to pay for historically and culturally significant records. My Gram was reminded of something and began her own story.
“You know I did artwork for an album cover… your Uncle’s friends… you know, he was always very involved with everything music around here…”
I swore I’d heard the story before but probably didn’t give it the attention it deserved. With my recent immersion in everything records, my ears widened as Gram put more pieces in place.
“It was something, Autumn to Spring... Autumn to…”
“Wasn’t it From Autumn to May?” my mom said.
Gram had done the cover by hand, even the lettering. She also chose the colors.
“It was a light blue on one side and kind of a Chartreuse on the other” she said.
“What’s Chartreuse? Like a lighter pink?” my brother said.
“No no, no, Chartreuse is almost a lighter green” Gram said, almost offended.
I wanted to see her art. I started searching the web on my Brother’s iPhone, plugging in the clues.
“I bet you it’s on here” I said.
First a link on youtube displayed the title, Franklin & Hayes Autumn to May. It wasn’t on Wikipedia. Next I did an image search and there it was; Gram’s art- vibrant and timeless. It looked perfect. Next to the image (see above) was a link to Ron Franklin’s (the Franklin part of the duo) blog. I clicked. As it loaded I stepped to the middle of the floor then read his words verbatim.
“The album was called Autumn to May by Franklin and Hayes, a duo album with my high school friend Ann Hayes (see pic of us in Olmsted Falls park). We only made 1000 so they are pretty rare, but it’s listed in the Acid Archives, a catalog of independent vinyl records of the period, so it has became a minor collector’s item – one sold on eBay last year for over $500.”
“I’m famous!” Gram said.
We gathered around the iPhone, admiring in disbelief, our foreheads all almost touching in a Chartreuse glow.
“Look at how good I am!” she said.
It was true, she was good. My sister wanted one for her and her husband’s new home. It would hang adjacent from where we’d just eaten at the dinner table. A light green wall would host it well.
“A print out may have to do” she said.
I wanted it. I wanted to play it. I knew it was valuable, but I’m one for putting a few scratches down, making a path. I want the cracks and the pops while I get bean burrito juice on the liner notes (not too much). Gram remembered getting a call from a collector about it once. He’d seen her name credited on the record and hunted her down to try to get a copy. She tried to be helpful but couldn’t say if he’d ever succeeded. I loved the thought of pre-internet detective work, the way so many people take access to information for granted. A random phone call or a written letter seems like a distant concept with home keys always near by.

Some more research revealed that the release dates back to 1969. They were in high school at the time and based in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. The album was a private press release (funded by an individual as opposed to a commercial label), catalog number WR-1-69. It could be classified as late 60s folk with pop-psych leanings, especially in the sometimes-moody girl/guy harmonies. It didn’t sound too psychedelic to me. I can’t see Olmsted Falls lending too many trippy vibes. On a Collector’s Frenzy (high end vinyl record auction site) the players are listed as ‘ron franklin-guitar/vocals, tobe finney-guitar, craig baker-bass, tim collins-bass, dennis olic-guitar, ralph jocke-drums, greg funk-congas & ann hayes-vocals… produced by bob wenning out of Cleveland Ohio…’ Along with Franklin & Hayes limited and only LP, The Acid Archives (Patrick Lundborg 2006) documented and reviewed 4,000 underground LPs from the US and Canada between the years 1965–1982.

Maybe it’s time to start scouring the thrift stores in Northeast Ohio. If I found one I’d give it to Gram. Maybe there’s one in a garage or a basement sopping up rain water. Maybe I’ll just wait for another crate to come bumbling up the steps, ragged with someone’s history, ready for new fingerprints.

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Ryan’s Picks
We / Ours – Demo tape (self-released)
David Kilgour & the Heavy 8’s – End Times Undone (Merge)
Lower Plenty – LIFE / THRILLS (Mexican Summer)
Caribou – Our Love (Merge)
Radiator Hospital – Torch Song (Salinas)
Martha – Courting Strong (Salinas)
Rakta – S/T (540)
NehruvianDOOM – S/T (Lex)
Diners – Diners (Diet Pop)
The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits (Sacred Bones)
TOP 10 SHOWS (fav. performance underlined)
5/24/14 CRABB FEST Night II Slut Castle / Weird Science / Serengeto / Babe Quest / Delay / Dishpit / Gaze / Sandal Stomp / Hot Mess Monster / Neanderthal / Dog Problem / Nature Boys
1/15/14 Check Mate / Tessaiga / No Tomorrow @ 15th Haus Columbus, OH
9/20/14 Bloody Show / Deaf Wish @ Ruby Tuesday’s Columbus, OH
3/21/14 Sweet Poison Victim / Blue Friction @ V V K Columbus, OH
5/23/14 CRABB FEST Rutland, OH Night I. Aneids / Meet the Neighbors / The Fury / Melyn’s band / Marissa Anderson / Pretty Pretty / Napalm Donut / Bad Fog / Desperate Pilot / Satanarchy / Rats Rest / Rag Rage / Onion Flavored Rings
4/12/14 Teenage Strangers (1st show) / Failed Mutation / Splashin’ Safari / Satanarchy @ V V K Columbus, OH
7/2/14 Radioactivity / Bad Sports / Nervosas @ Ace of Cups Columbus, OH
8/16/14 Moviola / Thomas Jefferson Slave Apts / Scrawl / The Clean – late show – Sundials / Sidekicks @ Ace of Cups Helter Swelter 1 Columbus, OH
4/23/14 Sega Genocide / Pretty Pretty / Tweens / Nude Beach @ KOBO Columbus, OH
11/9/14 @ The Boat – Oakland, CA w/ Joyride!, WUV, Yogurt BrainBig Kitty

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late summer late 20s. demo ditch 05 mixtape

I’ll be 30 at the end of this month. Onward. Here is a mixtape I made reppin
some of what I’ve been jamming in this transitional phase of life.
Heavily influenced by Used Kids staff and Columbus, OH. Also shows I’ve
been to or played. Random stuff I’ve stumbled on. I made it at the
tail-end of Summer, hence the title. The record player I used to make it
was pretty tired. You may notice. You may not. Enjoy. DEMO DITCH 05


I’M BEING GOOD – Town is Weird

WEED – Heal


BILL FOX – Let’s Be Buried Together

NUDGE SQUIDFISH – Goodbye Princess / They Call Me Mike Rep


BORIS w/ MICHIO KURIHARA – Narrador Da Espaconave

ERIN TOBEY – Come Pick Me Up

BOMBINO – Adounia

GIBSON BROS – Dedicated Fool

DWIGHT YOAKAM – Smoke Along the Track

KAREN DALTON – Reason to Believe

CONNECTIONS – 1980 Called

SONIA SPENCE – For Your Love

GENTLEMEN JESSE – Butterfingers



NINA SIMONE – Rich Girl (Hall&Oates)

GREEN DAY – Burnout



TOMMY JAY – Memories


DWIGHT TWILLEY BAND – Looking For the Magic

ANGEL OLSEN – You Are Song


THE SCHRAMMS – It’s Not What She Wants

BOB DYLAN – True Love Tends to Forget

BERT JANSCH – Where Did My Life Go

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Blue Friction started as me alone and the songs that live on tapes in an old birthday present bag under the desk in my room. Then Leslie joined me and together we drank magic potion and songs were thrown forth. Here is our tape. Already, rituals not to be named are practiced rigorously as we strip mine the earth for new chord progressions.

If you’d like an actual tape, simply paypal $4 to buddywillardjr at gmail dot com and mention that you want the tape.



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ryan j’s top 10s of 2013

Top Ten Shows of 2013
10. 9/13/13 New Legga-C Showband @ Hot Times Festival (Parsons Ave. stage), Columbus OH
9. 12/13/13 Splashin’ Safari, Life Mess, Total Request Dead, Deep Santa @ Legion of Doom, Columbus OH
8. 7/20/13 Sewn Leather @ Skylab, Columbus OH
7. 6/9/13 Colour Me Wednesday @ The Blueberry, Norwich UK
6. 3/26/13 IJI, Wormy Earth, In Glove With Bach @ ILLIO, Columbus OH
5. 6/15/13 ONSIND @ Plan-it-X Fest London
4. 5/10/13 Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch @ Carabar, Columbus OH
3. 9/22/13 Angel Olsen (w/ full band), Pillars and Tongues @ Double Happiness
2. 3/24/13 BAD SIDE @ Cat Science Necro Mansion, Columbus OH
1. 5/5/13 Josephine Foster @ Double Happiness, Columbus OH——–

Albums I Listened to Most in 2013
10. Bored Games 10″ –  Bored Games (Milwaukee, WI)
9. All Dogs 7″ – All Dogs (Columbus, OH)
8. Dead Moon – Strange Pray Tell
7. Nina Simone – Silk & Soul
6. Vacation – Candy Waves (Cincinnati, OH)
5. Tin Armor – Tin Armor (Columbus, OH)
4.  Mount Eerie – 11 Old Songs
3. Angel Olsen – Half Way Home (Chicago IL)
2. Elephant Micah – Globe Rush Progressions (Bloomington IN)
1. Ramones – End of the Century
h a p p y n e w y e a r
photo by Glenn Coxx

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I was asked by Mikey, proprietor of the Russian Blog This Is Pop , to make a mix tape full of Summer vibes. I went for it on the third night of August. I wrote a little bit about that hot and fickle season as well. No shirt, no shoes, new Columbus Clippers hat from an old lady at a garage sale, some headphones. I call it DEMO DITCH SUMMER MIX 2013. Download it or stream it HERE for free.


photo by Ryan J.

SUMMAPhoto by Kristina Markey

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Summer heat, parties with DEET!

After the Vacation record release / Potty Mouth show in Cincinnati, I was doing the best thing you could do on a seventy degree summer night; listening to music on a porch, windows and drinks open, cutting the rug every now and again in a crowded living room. I was taken back to tapes blasting in my best friend’s Taurus circa early 00’s. The Donnas. Self titled! So much R’n’R attitude. So much not giving a fuck about trying to fuck. Thanks to Bridget from Tweens for picking this album to kick up the night. Seeing that Nikki Corvette is name dropped in ‘Gimme My Radio,’ she was subsequently introduced into my aural sphere, a fitting progression of what to play next that eventually led to twerking. Doesn’t it always?

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I heard a band called Forever from Portland cover Mission of Burma in a Columbus basement a few years ago. I meant to listen to them soon after. It finally happened yesterday. This one hit me right.

They play at Ace Of Cups on Sept. 13th.

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may be the only person who can make loneliness swagger.

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