1/2/09 @ The Dayton Dirt Collective, Dayton OH

Delay (that’s me, Austin, and Jesse)
Rad Company

Pat (see Shout Out Loud Prints) was nice enough to cart us, the van-less Delay, over to Dayton in his Hunter Green, on it’s deathbed, station wagon. Jesse had on a mustache when we picked him up. That kid knows how to pull it off, it looks cool somehow, surprisingly. The show was just kind of laid back, with a gathering of about 20 people. We played first and borrowed amps. The bass amp was inaudible for the first song so afterwards Austin made sure to play everyone his awesome bass solo again, in case they missed it during the song. A mic was dangled in front of the speaker and we blazed on through our set. We played one request to help combat the blues of an 13 hour work day. I don’t think I’ve even done something that I like for 13 hours of a day! I kept looking at the giant Mohawk on the teen punk standing almost right in front of me. I thought we played well. Spending time with ADD/C and Landlord was more than pleasant. They are good people, good company, LIFERS.

DANIEL ADD/C as a song came on in between bands: “This song makes me want to wrestle.” So I pushed him and we did. Austin and I took turns sliding on The DDC’s slippery wooden floor. Rad Company thrashed through a quick set of punk-core-grind-thrash to close the night. We said our goodbyes and drove back to CBUS.


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