1/3/09 @ The Monster House, Columbus OH (where I live!)

Tanner Jones
P.S Eliot
Our Cat Phillip
Constance Taylor

First Monster House show of 09’. Austin cooked an Italian themed feast for the bands that I also benefited from. I finished reading THE BOOK THIEF before and a little after the show. The words stayed on me all night. I loved it. Chad hid it in the microwave from me because when he came in to say what’s up before the bands started, I had my head in the book. The turn out for the show was excellent. Tanner Jones played solo and he is a very good performer. Pretty flawless. For fans of Bright Eyes or Kevin Bacon (he looks a little like Kevin, Footloose era I’d say). P.S Eliot played the poppy pop indie punk that got my heart fluttering and flooded with sugar. Our Cat Phillip filled the stinky basement with sweet sounding indie rock. A high, fragile voice led the way. They had endurance, playing beyond my attention span of around 30 minutes. Very kind, thankful people though and a band I would see again. Constance is a god-dammed, hell raiser. She drunkly picked at her banjo and sang protest folk songs pre-1950. She threw in her own songs at the end. Going from a sweet peach tea voice to a hollerin’ drunk with a rifle, she captivated me. She sings the witty truth. She sings about a former life as a stripper. All her friends clanked 40oz bottles as they bickered back and forth with her.
CONSTANCE: “What the fuck are Yuuu lookin’ at.”
ADAM: “We are the harmonies!”

Once a street type fellow, seemingly strung out on drugs, helped my brother and Pat push Amanda’s broken down van into a parking spot on 8th ave. During the show, I was informed that a sketchy guy was on the sidewalk between our house and the neighbors house. The cops seemed to be shining the light around our street trying to find someone. He ended up coming in. He was the van pushing helper and seemed a little drugged up this time too. Austin greeted him. Austin told him he thought that the cops might be looking for him. He told him there wouldn’t be a problem, he is not the type to call cops. In exchange, Austin asked if he would be cool to our house, no problems. It was a deal and he stayed all night, occasionally throwing quiet lines into a conversation or introducing himself. He was timid though and on something, glazed eyes with weighted lids struggling to stay open. He kept dozing off in the back of the basement. We had a brief conversation about how Austin and I were twins. He seemed to enjoy the music. He was on his way after the show. You may have seen the poster. Snitches get stitches. Taking a chance takes courage and this time it seemed worked out.

The night ended with laughter in the kitchen over bad interpretations of crump dancing.

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