1/4/09 @ The Legion of Doom, Columbus OH
Teenage Cool Kids
P.S Eliot
Little Lungs
The Read
Saint Seneca

I love shows at the Legion of Doom*. I started going there in 2004 and since then, I’ve only gone more and more. It looks like a punk house, outside and in. Smells like a punk house. Has a huge basement with stickered, markered, graffitied walls. I first went there to see my former roommate Dylan’s band, Vomitrocity. In the school caf he drew me directions on a napkin and told me to come check out his band. I bravely walked there alone through seedy south campus and stood in the back by the heater with my hood drawn up over my 19 year old head. A kid was waving a BB gun around that looked real. A strangely serious looking tall guy had a Gorilla Biscuits* hoodie on. As the band started playing, people got into it. I was smashed to the heater. I did not know what grindcore* was and it was blowing my mind as they blasted through a song called, “Cadaver Bong.” I got a lyric sheet but I swear to god, neither vocalist growled/gurgled any words. It was fast, heavy, and absolutely harsh. I was scared but thrilled all at once. I went to The LOD only a few times that year. As I got more comfortable in Columbus, I went there more frequently. Its funny how just a few chance interactions or meetings where someone is nice to you can turn an intimidating place into a space you frequent and identify with. I had to get myself out there though, take chances and talk to people. That’s how good things happen.

Tonight’s show was more laid back due to a complete lack of grindcore. Teenage Cool Kids (TX) started off the night with jangly power pop, seriously influenced by Built to Spill*. They chose to play at a 21+ bar rather than LOD but when the bar fell through they were desperate to jump on. Pick your route. DIY is not a fall back plan.
PS Eliot (AL) brought the hooks in pink Hello Kitty boxing gloves yet again. I like that catchy band.
Little Lungs (NYC) to me were a post punk band, rhythmic choppy guitar followed by a pulsing three chord chorus. Shouted and sung vocals. Long Island and Brooklyn influence.
The Read is a dance punk band from Cincinnati and they just might be the best band described as such. It’s OK to dance. In fact, its fun. It is dorky and fun. We need to free our bodies to music, it keeps us healthy. It shakes out the GMOs and Trans Fats. It shakes out depression. It lets our spirits show. So may the punk rock wierdos or just the booty shakers keep dancing while others cross arms and act cool. I will excuse being deathly afraid to dance (sometimes). Hopefully everyone has a dancin’ day in them. Jimmy Buttons (Columbus punk legend, roadie extraordinaire, resident of The LOD) even danced, but only because we had pit beef, mosh pit beef. He was dissing my moves. He was jealous. He had something to prove. The Read had a song about the internet being a waste of time. I let everyone know that it was, except for Jimmy Button’s blog, Lentil Nightmare. I was later informed not to talk about blogs in real life. Many danced, all thanks to the sexy music of The Read.
I have seen Saint Seneca 5 or 6 times now and each time I thoroughly enjoy their set. Good indie folk. Dynamic and lyrically strong. Highlights of the show included someone yelling out, “Pizza Rolls.” A small note made 2 rounds of the basement, bearing the inspiring statement, a pizza drawing, and a pass it on encouragement scrawled at the bottom. I believe John Also Bennet* was responsible.
Another highlight, Me: “I love poop jokes, I make too many.”
Zach Saint Seneca: “The day I stop making poop jokes, is the day I die.”
Well said. The Legion is a warm place for me filled with people I enjoy crossing paths with. I can talk about imagined feuds between A Bike Cab peddler and Horse drawn Carriages at Easton*, or about the mythological history of The Legion of Doom. I heard Reel Big Fish* played there in 98’.
A Buckeye Donuts trip was mandatory for Me, Jimmy, and Little Lungs after the show. Nothing like fried grease at 1 am in good company.

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