Show Streak 2009 Commences

1/1/09 @ The 15th House, Columbus OH

The Pecadillos
Welcome to Concrete

The first of the year started with this show and me thinking that a bad Columbus, Ohio tattoo should appear on my body at some time or another in my life. Kind of an, “I was there” type mark. My friends were smiling and the joy of punk rock, even in sobriety, over took me like it did when I went to my first local punk show at age 16.  It was at the Mad House in North Ridgeville, Ohio; the city with a dancing corn on their water tower at the time. My friend who drove us in his Mom’s Saturn wore plaid pajama pants. I got knocked over in the pit watching a band called The Atomix who sometimes claimed to be really drunk while playing when actually they may have just been under practiced. They weren’t old enough to buy alcohol. They were renowned for their cover of, “Do Wah Diddy.”

The Pecadillos, a four-piece, pissed grrl punk band set the mood of 2009 with fast paced, old school, yet melodic punk. Welcome to Concrete got me dancing with punk-pop in the vein of Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. Brian Deller (Griot Zine) was giving one line punk inspirational fits in between songs. He might be worse than Austin and me with his overtly sentimental, crowd unifying banter.

BRIAN: “Discount Paperback* went out of business and Larry’s*, pretty soon, there is going to be no place for us (the punx I think he meant) to go. This might be the only thing we have… and that just might be enough.”
SOMEONE: “I always thought we needed to start making donuts in our houses (a reference to what might be in order should Columbus’ legendary , 24 hr. Buckeye Donuts, go under too).”
What a sappy thing to say Brian Deller. Oozing with hope. Your rough exterior does not fool me at all. You got sweet jelly inside a stale donut.
ADD/C are wyld asses from Chattanooga, TN. They play from the fucking heart. The big, sloppy, kiss on the lips, boozy southern heart. I like watching people who mean it. Mean it to the point of no voice or no job, whatever comes first. Landlord plays music that sounds like it shouldn’t be allowed in 2009. For fans of Dinosaur Junior*, Guided By Voices*, T-REX*. Fireworks exploded. A piñata penis was smashed. Region Rock* enthusiasts geeked out. Mickey (Welcome to Concrete) spun me around in circles during a Bitchin’* song that played over the PA post show. I played Foosball against Chad who kissed me on the cheek twice before I biked home. Do ya Can ya feel the love?*


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