Show #5

1/6/09 @ The Monster House, Columbus OH

Reverse The Curse
Mountain Asleep
Heath Deadger

I was weirdly organizing (kind of) my Ohio bands CD collection when people started arriving to the show. It seemed important at that moment. I must note that I also was doing this while downing coffee, reading an old story I wrote, and listening to The Corpse Bride soundtrack. Wouldn’t want to do only one thing at a time, which is why I frequently talk on the phone while dropping a poop. There’s no time in this world. The Coffee was a regrettable pre show beverage. I had during show anxiety big time. I was unable to hold conversations with anyone and I was majorly distracted and worried about non sense. What’s new?

Reverse The Curse started of the night off with a bass so loud I could feel it in my boys. They played mid-tempo, Hot Water Music-y, although slightly less melodic punk. I like those kids. They’re the kind of kids who can make stopping at a Taco Bell to whiz on tour a bouncy ball chasing blast.

Native from northern Indiana were captivating with shouted vocals, some all together, over pulsing drums and occasionally noodling guitar. Gentle winding parts built up to heaviness. They had pedals; for instruments and flood lights. Sometimes they were hard to look at because it was like truck lights right in your face. All in all good.

Mountain Asleep from Louisville, Kentucky always brings hardcore punk energy. Their sound includes tapping and doodling on drop tuning, solid bass progressions, drums beating out the tempo changes, and emotionally yelled vocals. People got rowdy.

Heath Deadger is Mickey fronted Hardcore Punk from Cbus. Fun songs about getting a life off the internet, a city take over in a black out, and stealing a tank from Battelle to flatten the eye sore that is Columbus’ glowing South Campus Gateway. Remember kids, Gateway stands for Gentrifying Assholes Taking Everything, White And Yuppie.

Ana, Columbus’ Mexican jumping bean and captain of mischief, brought a special sweet Mexican holiday bread for everyone to share. The catch was if your slice was an incubator for a little toy and you didn’t choke on it first, you had to face a dare. I did not get a toy. All I know is Samm ended up with no pants on doing the Macerena just outside of the kitchen. I can only link it to the bread. But then again, I ended up in red little underwear that I got from Old Man Dave Ensinger that says, “One Hot Cookie” on the front. I also had on a ski mask that looks like a buffalo bills helmet. I brought a super soaker into the pit too. Did I mention that Cait made vegan muffins that made me certain 2009 would be a good year?

After the show, I went to the Chitt house and made a bowl of cookie dough with Lindsey that we ate raw. We ended up throwing dough balls at the door to see if they would stick. They did momentarily, but then plopped to the floor and were snarfed up by Louie the bastard rat dog.


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