Show # 7

1/13/09 @ The Monster House, Columbus OH

A Drum and an Open Window
Sass Dragons
Lose The Tude (the hardcore band I am in)

Ahh. Winter shows. Everyone is bundled up for the first band. The basement permeates a cold dusty smell up from under everyone’s feet. Boot bottom snow waffles meet a melting death on the steps. An assortment of woodsmen burgundy or punky pink toboggans (term for winter hat) grace the heads of the attendees. Colorful scarves hide what anyone’s neck looks like. If it’s a good turn out, you can count on raising the house temperature by maybe 5 degrees! Every bit counts. I will never have a space heater, although it is a great Pink Razors song.

A Drum and an Open Window hail from Boston and they play folk punk mostly about living your life your own way, missing friends, and the friendships and joy that come from DIY. It is simple. It is cute. It is honest and corny in a way that makes jaded punks snicker and hopeful ones giggle. I hope to see them bring up broader topics and feelings in the future, along with the use of more vocal range.

Cringe, from Baltimore MD showed up with a pack of youthful spirits. Kids who love playing stupid games and talking about poop or farts. The music was serious though. Heavy, tempo changing, punk hardcore, fronted by a low, violent yell. Energetic and powerfully delivered. The front man lunged all around the room and sang into our faces. Randi and her 100 pounds of southern sweetness tackled him at the end of the set and began thrusting. That’s what friendship is about; humping your friends when they are trying to get all serious. At times, it was reminiscent of some Damaged era Black Flag. There was a range of early American Hardcore punk influence going on and it’s fitting for a band from that region. The world is fucked, don’t let yourself be fucked, give a fuck. That was their message.

Sass Dragons. God damn Sass Dragons. Their Razor Cake interview is an awful, drunken, incoherent rambling about bullshit with the occasional offensive remark. The only value I found in it was the inspiring tale of their apartment burning down and how they reacted to it calmly and got through it together. I was skeptical about booking them but we did anyway to see what would come of it. They ruled! Catchy, quirky punk-pop a la Fuck Boys (really, I said it). Good riffs with drums that got feet tapping. Solid bass lines coming out of the shittiest bass amp I have seen a band tour with. And they were nice dudes. Extra thankful, goofy, and yes.. Drunken ramblers. We shared food and laughs together and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. We had some common ground on tour stories about fucked up small towns and the depressing things that can happen in them: Meth, pregnant pot smokers, a kid who comes to the show in army fatigues, complete with a confederate flag pinned to the back of the shirt. The world is insane and Sass Dragons can make you laugh at it. If you like songs about pills, check them out.

The Lose The Tude set was a mess of falling on each other (some call it dancing), circle pitting, and uncoordinated youth crew jumps. Pat was throat-er number two in place of Jimi. I loved watching his face turn all red as he bounced around, not too high cause our low ceiling could knock you out. Its fun to play music that all my friends, girls and boys, can let out a little energy too. Damaging my voice has never been so fun. Shane Natalie has lightning wrists on the drums and Ian Mackye would be proud; we always play it faster.

Post show left us all hanging out late and swapping stories. I needed it. A girl, sweet with the sharp smells of nostalgia, came to the show and wrapped a scarf full of things I didn’t know I missed around my face. I had no words for it. Just a tension in my chest and a disbelief at how much time had passed since I had seen her. See, I knew this wasn’t going to be a blog about shows! Things that have passed, have passed and I’ll leave dead skin alone. I hope to get together though for a friendship rekindling.

To spoil that pleasant aroma of memory, apparently I missed a Sass Dragons story about masturbation in which the story’s teller acted as though he was pleasuring himself for the duration of the story; just to add emphasis I guess. His step mom caught him. The cord to the VCR was “greasy.” I was with the Boston kids at Zia’s Lair (Chelsea, Maryn, Ryan’s apt.) and I licked one of Zia the dogs swollen pregnant nips for free to prove I wasn’t a sell out. Others were debating how much it would cost for them to do it. I made sure Zia was cool with it first by giving her a generous petting session. When I came back, Baltimore and Louisville, KY kids were still up laughing way too loud for 3 in the morning and I decided to join them in that. Louisvillian Tyler was showing us how he could sometimes squirt a strange lube from his nipple. Punk keeps you up late being entertained by nipples. Fine by me.

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