Show #10

1/21/09 @ Skylab, Columbus OH

Rage Against The Cage
My Left Uterus

Skylab is the 5th floor of an apartment building on E. Gay, downtown. I’ve seen art shows there, noisy wierdness, a band play on homemade instruments, and even a radical marching band of about thirty. A memorable art show I saw there featured John Also Bennet’s poloroids of animals diced on train tracks, road kill, and raw meat cooking on a stove. It was haunting. I almost dreamed of entrails. It was death so near and so undeniable. Skylab is where I go to see things that don’t always make sense to me but I enjoy them none the less. It is a perfect and large space for both art and musc. Everyone is welcoming there too.

I went to the show at 7pm for “Sportslab.” This is all the people who live at Skylab getting together to play staple playground games as well as some made up games: Wall Slam, Grounder, Cross Fire… We all got going on some Knockout on the 8 foot basketball hoop in the show room. I had beginners luck that quickly ran out. I won the first game and then missed a lot of shots from then on. It was fun though and a good way to meet new people. Brett Liebendorfer (of Black Cloud Photo Press) became an animal during the game. He made mean red faces a lot and got three times as sweaty as everyone else.

Some CCAD kids played first. They were called Forest. Noisy, with two contrasting gruntinng and screaming vocals. Heavy, distorted guitar being looped- a laptop that got knocked over providing extra noise, a kick drum and two sticks set up in front for any inspired bashing, and a drummer building and blasting- giving the chaotic noise a little structure. He had long curly black over his face the whole time too which added to their sound. I enjoyed the mash of intensity and ambiance until I actually thought my ear drums were going to jump out and punch me in the face for exposing them to such high levels of volume.

Rage Against the Cage is fucking hilarious and stupidly genious. They are a mens choir of eight. Flannel clad and sporting sun glasses at night. They all sing the same thing, which is just varying patterns of “yeahs,” “no’s,” “Mmm mmms,” and “hey heys” that might be heard in some popular 90’s grunge song or the current butt rock of today. Think of Eddie Vedder imitations and the dude from Nickleback.

My Left Uterus was on tour from Tampa and my first reaction was, wow these dudes are loud. The drummer was serious about hitting the drums hard so he had to remove his shirt to make that happen. The guitar player was serious about being loud so he had to hook one stack up to a massive speaker that was hooked to another stack. I tore off paper from Mickey’s beer bag and got two pieces wet so I could jam them in my ears. The drummer was working hard as captain of the changes in tempo and style. The guitarist would pound the same chord, building a sound wave and then riff. It was mostly fast and energetic, which I could get in to. Howling vocals barely escaped the surrounding guitar sound.

Skylab is a trek from “The Pocket” (south campus living area) but I am always happy when I go. I rode bikes home with Kristina, Mickey, and Mikeal. Kristina is always biking so fast so when I got home my butt was burning and my lungs were tingling with cold air. Hooray for Ohio winter… only two months to go!

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