show #12

1/3/2009 @ The Legion of Doom, Columbus OH

Reverse The Curse
Red Sun
Wildcat Revival
Kurt Russel

Iced over sidewalks made for a slow and trecherous walk to the Legion. The ice some how invaded my joints while my fingers and toes felt the little spiders with cold legs dancing on them. I walked into the Legion basement in my full cold gear and kept it on for a moment. Somehow, and I don’t know how, I caught a blast of Summer waiting for the first band to start. My long johns turned into cut off jean shorts and I had sweat dripping from my unibrow and all my friends were in shorts and tank tops and we had B.O and there were just six of us waiting to see some band from wherever who will realize summer shows in college towns are sometimes a bit under attended.. although personal. Wishful thinking I guess, or just a warm hug from things I like about Columbus.

Reverse the Curse began the show and they played a new song that caught my attention (see show #5 for their description). I hope to see them get into their own sound a little bit more, expanding from old Hot Water Music influence. Connor (Bass) was slamming a 7/11 big gulp during their set. Drinking alcohol at the Legion won’t fly but 40 plus ounces of soda is welcome.

Wildcat Revival came into the frigid Midwest from Alabama. I think they missed the south. They played very intense, passionate music with a range of influence. Post Hardcore, yelled vocals, proggy guitar, butt shaking bass lines. Their 7″ looks amazing. They played a song from it about racism in their city. I had read the lyrics earlier and they were powerful. They gave a fresh look at an old sickness that plagues many areas of the country still. The fight goes on!

Kurt Russel plays a blend of Power Violence, Hardcore, and Buttrock. Blasting, gurgling, shrieking, breaking down- uneccessarily drawn out by bullshit banter and their drunken friends using the PA to amplify stupidity. They have these big, goofy shjunt shjunt riffs that might normally sound angry but for some reason when they do it, its like crust comedy. I have never been so pleased with non-sense in my life. I was perma-grinnin’ for their whole set. They are sloppy and shit is falling over and everyone is jumping around and its a glorious feeling. Funny songs that might have been written by 8th graders. Still, I can find meaning in a song like, “Prancin in the pit.” I had a good time watching and even getting pushed around a little bit by people who drank before coming into the Legion.
punk 1: “Dude, stop being drunk.”
punk 2 “I’m not being drunk, I’m being REAL.”
I like shows at Legion because when drinking and partying isn’t the focus, the show and genuine interaction are. But alas, the punx drinking in their car will always show up and I don’t mind most the time. Ya need to sneak a beer every now and then.


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