Show # 13, Show #14

2/4/09 @ SKYLAB, Columbus OH
Totally Michael
Time and Temperature
Uke of Spaces Corners
It was a freezing night for loading equipment gloveless. I don’t like bulky things on my hands while moving stuff that cost me more than anything I have ever spent money on; aside from college loans and the Delay mom mini-van that recently shit the bed. I guess I can be stubborn. Austin and I waddled across ice to bring Delay equipment in and the PA for the show at SKYLAB; a 5th floor art space/living space/show space in downtown Columbus. Luckily there is an elevator to bring things up and down in. It made me feel like I was in Wayne’s World.

Totally Michael was a late addition to the show and he played first. He plays hype music. Imagine Jock Jams without all that sports mess.. well I guess “cheerleaders vs. drill team” is a pretty sports song. It is light hearted and booty moving. It is delivered from a hilarious and cute little jumping bean. I think he is going for big though because some of the new songs have more of an Avril Levine pop sass to them. He is a more later in the night performer. As a band watcher, it is challenging and even awkward to go from arriving mode to rocking out mode so quickly. Everyone needs some time to settle in.

Constance (see show #3 for description) poured out her heart again while pounding on the banjo. She inspires me. Her set included an amazing spoken word attack that basically said, forget that you’re a human for a second. We put up walls between each other and hold onto identities that can be exclusive to others who may not think or act exactly as we do. Let’s be animals and roam free and sniff at each other’s rears.

Time and Temperature is Val and she is from Columbus. Her set up is voice and electric guitar. Her music fills a room with a quiet sweetness and a sound that is beautiful although drenched in a sadness. She weaves a full sounding song with very accomplished finger playing. Her voice stirs the soul. It is good music to close your eyes and float off to.

Uke Of Spaces Corners were on tour from Maine and I immediately liked them because they toured with a cassette tape distro and a collection of self made zines. They also played a song, a cover of an old folk standard they said, in which they made noises like oompa pa and walla walla walla and then they howled and yelled. It’s fun to watch and listen to musicians use their voices in strange ways. Their sound was rooted in traditional folk but had ambient and spacey influences too.

We hadn’t played in Columbus since early fall and playing was like some type of relief. I had red ants in my pants all night to play and I was dealing with that anxiety shit again. I was overwhelmed because there were so many people there I wanted to talk to and catch up with. It’s impossible to be everywhere though. It is not impossible to think about being everywhere though, hence the anxiety. It was nice to finally hammer some chords out and yelp and head bang until my neck ached. Friends did the spilly drink dance and sang along and smiled. Max welcomed us home over the PA and said it had been too long since we played in CBUS. It felt good. It was a free therapy session and the thing I learned is that woah- ohing is important to my physical and mental state. Here’s to 3 chords and dumb lyrics. May they triumph over all adversities we should face in life.

2/5/09 @ The Monster House, Columbus OH
Completely Smitten
Letters To The Moon
Couch Forts

It was an all local show at our house. I made a giant pot of gas inducing chili to start things off right. I like making chili because it is really just an adventure in combination. I can remember mixing the nastiest things together from my parent’s fridge to make some deadly concoctions with neighborhood friends. Curdling milk, hot sauce, mayonnaise and all. Then it was all about who was gonna taste it. Making chili is similar but the goal is to unite food that actually tastes good together.

The whole show was good. The house was filled with goodness like a bag of jelly bellies; sweet people everywhere!

Completely Smitten made me smile so dorkily because they played the most adorable tweedy pop ever! They are Noah and Misty and they are wonderfully quirky performers. They have good taste in thrift store sweaters too.

Lisa and I played next (Letters To The Moon) and I think we had a really good performance. I was rambling about love and other embarrassments in my life in between songs. Our voices felt like they had water wings on them, floating in the room; bright yellow and full of warm air. I love singing with Lisa.

Couch Forts (See show #9 for description) play as one. Three in one. Father, Son, Holy Fiddle. Those boys can make a rolling racket together.

Gigantopithecus is looping guitar riffs and driving drums. Ambient and then heavy. Two friends building off of one another as they play.

The true highlight of this show came in the exclusive after show in the kitchen at 3am. Somehow, a drunkness snuck up on me and put extra songs into my lungs. I picked up my guitar and started plinking on songs. This led to plinking and singing. Our lungs all had songs in them I guess. For an hour plus, me, Andy Gardner, Pat, Leslie, David, Ryan, Chelsea, and later Austin and Amanda because we sang so loud they woke up- had a high school era Delay sing along. Maybe it was more like a scream along and a fall around. It might sound self centered but it wasn’t a, “Hey look at me” thing, it was a “Hey let’s sing really ridiculous songs we know that Delay happened to write” thing. If those old tunes and lyrics only purpose in life was to be sung in the kitchen with my best friends years later at 3am, then I am god dammed happy we wrote them. But something tells me we know them because there is some strange value in the silly honesty in some of those songs. “I got this feeling inside, feeling like I gotta let it out!”
“Be True to YOU !” “So this is me at age 18, so many years to fit in all these dreams, and I can’t wait to see me now.” “When I thought I had it right… what I want to do with my life…” and the songs go on until drunk dials, wrestling matches, and kicking my guitar. I can’t wait to look back on this one.


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