Show #15, #16

2/14/09 Valentine’s Day, Indy Media Center, Columbus OH

Marvin The Robot
The Boy Who Could Fly
Welcome To Concrete
Fuckit Factory
Panty Hearst

I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day although everyone is all like, “Fuck Valentine’s Day,” and, “It’s just a scam to get people to buy chocolate and cards…” I will take any and all excuses, especially a day dedicated to L U V, to be overly sappy and sickeningly romantic. Hamming it up for a lovely someone is thrilling. Your heart tries to fly away from your chest while you cut, paste, and glue your feelings into artistic representations of cuddling. I think the only thing romantic I did was drink wine at the show. I was pretending to be Jimi Payne. I had his cardigan on and I was taking his recommendation, guzzling warm wine with cinnamon and sugar mixed in from an Arizona iced tea bottle. I micro waved it at home before two wheeling it downtown to East Broad for the show.

The show took place in what used to be a carriage house. It is now a small, two floor, yellow brick building behind an old Mansion that is up for sale. It is converted into basement offices and an open room upstairs that looks as if it was made with pancake brunches in mind. I talked to Brian Deller upon arriving and we both immediately said the same thing to each other. The venue reminded us of somewhere we would go for a weekend punk fix in high school. The only thing it was missing for me to complete that feeling was a religious affiliation. Yea, yea.. punk shows at churches aren’t cool. But punk shows at churches are better than no punk shows at all so get over yourself Johnny Rotten.

Locals Marvin The Robot began the show. This was the first time I saw Miles (lead vocals, guitar) play with a full band. It was indie rock-ish songs with melodies sang, howled, and strained while slobber was flying on the Mic. I could tap my toe to it.

The Boy Who Could fly is Kari J, a coast guard kid who has bounced all around the country. She has been in Columbus for over a year now and is my favorite Columbus musician. Her simple melodies float in the air on a tiny voice over a reverb filled guitar. Her songs are surrounding. The lyrics are rich and beautiful. I just close my eyes and paddle my canoe down the song stream.

At this point, a hip hop group began. I was in the basement though for all of it and I could only hear thumping floorboards and the MCs drunkly yelling forgotten rhymes. Me and Krissy were gossiping and sharing a drink because it was her birthday. She is my little sister so we needed some time to catch up and brotherly/sisterly things that no one else can understand (obviously).

Connie was all dolled up in fish nets and a skirt for the holiday. I think she might have had make up on even. I told her she looked nice. She killed my compliment by saying she had to dress slutty for Valentine’s Day. She is not the type of person to censor anything on her mind. I met her at an early Delay show in Columbus, OH, around 04’ at a bike-race after party. She was walking around, handing out safer sex kits in paper bags like school lunches from Mom. I was being a little shit with my friends, laughing at a tube of lube and putting a dental dam on my mouth and slurping it with my tongue. She has been awesome in helping get Columbus’ FOOD NOT BOMBS project swinging again. I like people who talk loud and know how to have a good time. She played a set of folky stuff with Kenton on bass and Andrew keeping the rhythm with a snare and high hat.

During Welcome To Concrete, things got crazy. Things got bouncier. Smiles stretched further. I spent a lot of time on the ground and a lot in the air too because people really like picking me up I guess. I was falling, dancing, and cheering for Austin as he played drums along with David. They played a fun set. Rough on the edges pop-punk really gets me going. I think it put me in the mood for love. I asked Neuman of Kurt Russel to be my Valentine. We had a sweet, warm spit kiss on the lips.

Panty Hearst, formerly known as The Peccadillos, really pleased my inebriated ears. They sounded tighter than before. They are sassy punk grrrls playing sassy rocknroll punk. The music has attitude and soul and they are playing well together. I am excited to see this band more. Austin danced with me during their set and we were being ridiculous. Sammm was running around and punching people in the butt and I really liked that so I joined in.

Fuckit Factory is Dusty, Chad, and Constance. They play out of tune, loud, and not very well. But its fun. It’s kind of sludgy punky folk slop. It sounded like mush to me. Chad is the distro master at shows of bootleg tapes, zines, and records. He has introduced me to so much good music and for that I am always grateful. He gave me a Dicks tape at the show and I am excited to rock it on my walkman between the racks at the library.

A butt rock grunge band closed the night and they were just too slow. I was also too busy rolling around on the ground with Kenton.

I left from the second floor window that night, hanging down from the ledge and then dropping about 8 feet to the ground. Nick and Kenton were the leaders in that bright idea. We had a victorious moment of hoisting Austin back up into the window while a parking lot security van drove by confused. We rode our bikes home, the three of us together. I felt like I was on a cloud. My valentines day was a little drunker than I had planned. I was apologizing to Kari at the show saying I was “that guy,” which means I was thinking I might have been the annoying person at the show. She said, “Ryan, everyone is that guy right now.” She put her hands on my face and told me I was acting the same as always. That was the sweetest thing I got on Valentines Day. Warm hands on my face from a true friend.

Show #16 I saw Spooktober (Athens, OH) play 4 songs at Sam Buckholtz 20th birthday. I love their minimalist pop rock gems. Guitar, Bass, Casio keyboard beats, set to tempo before each song. I danced. Then I ate a ton of chocolate and 2 pieces of cake. I love sweets. Happy birthday SAM.


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