Show # 17

SHOW 2/19/09 @ Casa Nueva, Athens OH

I Don’t know if I would count this as a show. Well, I saw bands so I am going to count it.

I went to Athens, OH with Lindsey to support an event my sister was throwing at a local bar. It was the Trash Dance. A dance in which those attending must wear clothing made from goods that would other wise be wasted or later recycled. It was a benefit for the campus green groups. I made a dress from a cat food bag. Lindsey had a beer box/cereal box/soy milk carton skirt on.

Let’s just say I had trouble getting us there. Like the missing the right roads almost having panic attacks kind of trouble. Lindsey was calm though and understanding. We made it to Athens in time for the dance. We rushed into the bathrooms and got changed quickly and ran out. My sister was shocked at my apparel and started cracking up. Her husband Curt was also a fan.

We danced to a band that was appropriate for jigging or doing a hoe down to. We ended up doing a partner dance, complete with instructions from the band. It lasted almost 25 minutes. I was so dehydrated from driving and stressing out that I thought I would pass out in my sweaty cat bag. Lindsey had no choice but to dance, combating awkwardness and a general dislike for dancing in front of people. It made for a great time.

Then a bar band came on. I almost cried, peed, and pooped all at once when they started their set by all jumping off of the stage in synch with each other. They proceeded to rock out to no one but two lady friends with cameras. They were striking poses and living it up. I got in a couple of pictures with the soloing guitarist, who was rocking down on two knees, and danced to them on the empty floor with my sis. They seemed like nice fellas, but they were the corniest band I have seen in my entire 24 year life. They played like it was sold out and I guess I appreciate that. I could have done with out the “Fresh Prince” theme song cover and the butchering of Justin Timberlake’s, “Sexy Back.” I will never be in a bar band. Bar bands just have no character. They are a bland vessel for popular music. They are background noise. They are not the independent artists I like to see creating interesting music of their own (or at least trying to). But they made me laugh, and maybe I sang along once by accident. It’s hard to avoid the radio sometimes.

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  1. Nick See

    “I was so dehydrated from driving and stressing out that I thought I would pass out in my sweaty cat bag.”

    I really like that bar. Good veggie chilli too.

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