Show #18

SHOW 2/20/09 @ The 15th House, Columbus OH


Seizure Fist


Lose The Tude


I could feel energy in the night and beneath my shoes that are getting bigger and bigger holes in them. As the cold persists, I need shoes with out the windows open. Ana was back in town and ran the show. I’m glad she’s back. She has so much spunk. She made vegan cupcakes and after eating one, my life was changed for the better.


It was Seizure Fists first show. I love first shows! They sounded pretty ready. Of course, there were those glances between songs and parts that change tempo to make sure everyone was on board the same ship. They played a set of crust influenced hardcore with occasional experiments in the epic riff or harmonizing guitar. They did the fast pickin’ on a high string before slamming into a D-beat type part. Kristina was on vocals and her style is a deeper harsh yell. Kenton and Josh both played guitar but I think Josh is switching to bass to fill out the sound.


Trends from CA played next. They had too many t-shirts on their merch table. I could have bought one for every day of the week. I did not. They were a straight edge vegan HC band and their sound was a mix of old school, current hardcore, and power violence. They did a lot of tempo changes and calculated stopping and starting together. Everything sounded muddy to me and there was nothing I could really grab onto to get interested. I was a fan of the gang vocals and the ending parts of their build ups when the lead singer was yelling his head off.


Lose The Tude played third and last. It was still early which actually wasn’t too bad. That’s what happens when bands play 20 minute sets. I played in the cat food bag dress, this time with no underwear. I also wore my yellow crash helmet for rocking out protection. Pat wore a Tall-T with tights and Steve wore a Tall-T with an old school Cavs hat. The set was rowdy. Pat rode my unicycle during the chorus of “Ride.” Shane was moving on the drums and holding it together. Austin was providing the bass lines that made the kids move. We kicked up dust in the basement and had a good time. Then we loaded up Pat’s station wagon and kicked it back to the Monster House.

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