Show # 19

SHOW 2/21/09 @ The Rathskellar, Kent OH


See Urchin




Student Unions at colleges always end up feeling like sad impersonations of the cool hang out in either Saved By The Bell or Boy Meets World (The Max/Chubby’s), except they are bigger and less cool. Sporadic choreographed dances do not happen and you cannot hit the jukebox to play a song. The jukebox is that fancy internet shit anyhow.


We hung out at a good friend’s (Richard! My poetry homie) house just outside of downtown for awhile before the show. I got in a weird mood over nothing it seemed. Maybe about everyone asking what was going on with where we were eating. Indecision is worse than cold symptoms. It’s the silly small things that get to us most sometimes. I shook it though after a twin talk with Austin . There was no need to be so sensitive about anything.


Regardless, arriving in Kent at The Rathskellar Student Union for Matt’s (from American War and No Target Audience) surprise 24th birthday AND Annabel’s CD release party was worth a 2 ½ hour drive, which actually flew by thanks to freestyle rapping. Lindsey actually spit this rhyme

“There’s peaches on his dick… peaches make it slick.” Wow.


Up first at the show was See Urchin. They were wearing bright, indie electro pop sweaters and that’s what they sounded like. Enjoyable and danceable. Lindsey and David, like true high school punx, were slamming beers in the girl’s bathroom. Other people were in there and from what I hear and Lindsey was making pooping noises and David was cracking up. I bet people were confused.


Next was us! Delay. We were not as tight as normal. I played in a blue see through garbage bag. Austin threw a giant bean bag into the crowd mid set while I sang happy birthday to Matt. Jesse pounded the shit out of the drums. We had energy that I think spread a bit, like chunky peanut butter. I think some people there thought we stunk though. That’s okay. Other people thought we were fun and entertaining. The show space and stage was a bit sterol, so we tried to stir things up and I’d say we were successful. I saw a kid with a “Sorry Ma” Replacements shirt on whom I didn’t see during our set. How could he have not liked our bullshit for the evening? Jesse even had a flannel on with no shirt under it! Mmm.


Annabel pulls off playing indie rock that really appeals to me. Incredible drumming that is never too flashy and always just the right amount of restraint or power. Reverby guitar carries the songs. Good melodies, oohs and aaahs, and my favorite part, bass lines that seem to come from the Motown school of rock, but played with an indie band. During their set, me and Lindsey decided Columbus kids needed to show Kent kids how to dance, so we started it up and it actually spread! You have to shake your butt. Life is too short to not shake your butt.


After the show, Columbus kids also had to show Kent kids how to take bean bags from around The Rathskellar, pile them up, and then be wildly entertained by them for an hour plus. We all worked up a sweat flipping, diving, falling, and launching into the very large bean bags. Pat was particularly graceful in the art form of bean bag diving. I managed to pull a mid-air chest bump fall back with Matt. Epic. 


We were kindly invited to stay the night and Ben and Andy’s from Annabel. They were such good hosts. We had vegan smoothies and vegan pizza, not to mention good hang out time with new faces. We are in debt to them; I imagine their apartment still smells like feet.

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