Show #20

2/23/09 @ Monster House, Columbus OH

Team Smile and Nod

Couch Forts

Manson Family Picnic

Cold White North

The important thing to remember when booking shows at our house is that everyone coming to our house or even playing our house is coming from a different background. People understand things in their own way and interact in their own way with their surroundings. Everyone’s context clues for what’s going on don’t always line up. So I try to keep and open mind for embarking on the adventure of human interaction.

Team Smile and Nod began the show. They are a 2 piece lady and guy electro-pop outfit. I thought they sounded like Ace of Base but more genuine (yes, they even had that low 90’s male voice that chimes in every now and then). The lyrics were like dramatized diary entries if that’s possible. They also had to catchiest song about being a moody lesbian that I have ever heard. They had to leave early because of work and their CDs were too expensive but all in all I liked them.

Couch Forts gives me more enjoyment each time I see them. I catch their intricacies and appreciate them more. The only thing I want to suggest to them is to use the kick drum less. Also, I am a fan of the smoother, dynamic conscience singing. I prefer it to the staccato punchy singing.

Manson Family Picnic is from Brooklyn . I don’t know how they are a functioning band because everyone in the band seemed to have entirely different personalities from each other. They were made up of drums, fiddle, stand up bass, two guitars, accordion, keys, and bells on some songs. Their sound was in no way dull. It was folk influenced, but with a maniacal kick in the ass. I waltzed, or I should say learned to waltz during their set with Ninja. She led.

Cold White North played last and we all got in a dancing mood. Seriously. We were moving for their entire set and it felt damn good. They played a set of up-beat, adultish (like Gin Blossoms or something) alt-rock punk. They had a good time fueling the hip sway of the basement.

We hung out a bit after the show. We had to make sure the guitarist of Manson Family didn’t insult Kentucky. We had to watch the fiddliast to make sure he didn’t eat all of our food or get carried away banging on the pots and pans. We had to talk about Brooklyn… I hear the rent is expensive there and there is no place to play! The adventure of interaction is on going. Set the sails!

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