Show #21

2/23/09 @ Spore Infoshop, Columbus OH

Ryan Starinsky


Wingnut Dishwashers Union

The Infoshop was filled by the time 8pm rolled around. Wingnut’s music speaks to the angry young punx who are practically spewing angst and reeling from boredom. I was taking door and happy to see people showing up the event.

Ryan Starinsky started the night with a solid solo performance on acoustic guitar. He plays well, projecting his voice and playing loud enough to never need a mic. Dream songs and love songs. Struggle songs. My kind of songs.

Georgios lives up to his unique name. He is a string bean  that wears goofy glasses and black hair that cannot be tamed. He has strange energy that is captures the audience. Right after Ryan finished playing, he jumped up on a chair and stole the spotlight. His performance was accapella songs, fake news broadcasts, and a cover of Beyonce’s “Ring on it.” He was moving his body and throwing his voice around the room with a brave flair. He was on his toes yelling, then singing with gusto. He covered politics, disdain for the police, and punk humor. Punk needs to stay geeky. It is for weirdos and Georgios is the pied piper. He had me. I smiled and did whatever he said. I was inspired by his boldness.

Then came Pat The Bunny, aka Wingnut Dishwashers Union. He howled at the moon. He is more exciting to watch than most 3 or 4 piece punk bands and all he had was an out of tune guitar that he borrowed from me and a nasally voice that cracked in every song. He gave me chills. Sometimes its perfect to hear someone yell about loving 3 chord high school punk bands, drinking but not being a no good drunk, social akwardness and alienation, identity, and the struggle to wake up a happy person in a capitalist society. He is quite a character; an honest character at least. Maybe next time I see him I will be howling too. His howling convinced me that hope is never exhausted as long as you got a good pair of lungs.

I hung around and cleaned up after the show at the shop. A guy who comes into the shop from the neighbor hood and I had this interaction..

“Robbie, how did you enjoy the show?”

“Ah It was great. Back in the 70’s it was… I never liked Black Sabbath.. you know them?”


“But then one morning I took PCP and I listened to them and it was a religious experience.”

“Oh my god, that’s crazy!”

“…And when theres live music, I can remember that feeling and almost live it again hahah.”

Austin stuck around with me and re-attached the infoshop door that a drunk gal had knocked off the hinges. I guess she really needed to get the door open. She downed a couple 40s disguised in a sock with shamrocks on them because I told her to be discreet with drinks in the shop.

Another infoshop regular, a homeless guy who comes to Food Not Bombs, helped us clean up. He was storing some stuff in the shop and we waited up for him to make a couple of trips with his box off belonging and dinner to an abandoned building he was staying in around the corner. He is mostly nice. There was a small incident in which he was giving a girl at the show a hard time about what she was wearing. He thought it was too suggestive. I told him she should wear whatever she wants cause it is her choice. He said, “Ok brother… ok. Fine.” There is a prime example of an infoshop interaction. Did I deal with it in an infoshop way? I can only say I tried to be fair and avoid sounding condescending or confrontational.

After the show, Austin and I participated in an interview about collective organizing with Georgios. We dealt a lot with talking about frustrations that come from the collective process. However, we got to feel good about some relationships forged from our passing involvement with Food Not Bombs and The Infoshop. I like free things. I like people. Lets get together and argue about how to spread that. It takes a special energy. We ended the night having some drinks at home. We laughed in the Kitchen about summer camp. It was a collective laughter.

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