Simple Math

If you can find one thing to like about someone; each someone-

Your ear lobes. God! They are best the lobes I have seen in awhile. I think you could model earrings in fancy jewelry catalogs. No, I take that back. It would be a shame for those lobes to be stabbed with any sharp object. They are a jewelry all by themselves, danging from you hearing orphus.

Even if the person is as evil as the skin on satan’s teeth, you can muster up appreciation for those glorious lobes. You can tell them their lobes are perfect. How could they not be changed?  Best case scenario, they will like one thing about you  back; on the spot even because your compliment was so flattering. The world would be changed. People would be nicer. It adds right up to your wonderful ear lobes.


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  1. Nick See

    I like this.

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