Show # 22

2/27/09 Legion of Doom, Columbus OH


It was a sparsely attended show at the legion. It started with me in a sort of argument with a drunk kid dressed like Bob Dylan. I wasn’t going for an argument. I was just blabbering about what bands who tour in the DIY circuit should or shouldn’t do. I was saying something about independent and uncompromised art meaning more. I said ethics a couple of times. I said validation of our own creations on our own terms. He said no one is independent. Look at your bike and tight jeans… blah blah blah. The answer is blowin’in the wind so I dropped it.


Jimmy was a little frazzled when I arrived because he had to drive to pick up the PA for the show (houses always go through a PA-less period). What he didn’t know was that a cat crawled up and under his hood and rested on the engine. Later he assumed it was because it was still warm from a morning drive. The power steering went out on the road and so Jimmy stopped and popped the hood. He almost fainted when he saw the cat, roughed up from the trip. He took it to the vet and still managed to get to the show before the first band played. He was shaken though. Jimmy Buttons has a deep  love for cats. He did his best to take care of the poor stray with bad luck.


Locals Teeth on Teeth started the show. They play music that would click on in your head while you walk up a cobblestone path to a Castle. It’s not an epic metal type of thing- That is reserved for inspiration to slay a dragon. You are just going up there to check out the view and think about sword fightning and some indie rockers decided to set the mood and harmonize like The Anniversary along the way or give some post punk vocals here and there.


The Besties from Brooklyn played next. Two keyboards, jangly guitar, and drums. They played sweet power-pop with 3 part harmony at some parts. Their sound fit somewhere in between The Go-Go’s and Cyndi Lauper’s more upbeat hits. They were a fun band to watch and get down to. They also watched all of the other bands which I really like when bands do. It shows appreciation and support for a DIY show. You give your attention and kindness in exchange for the show, food, and a place to stay.


Submarine Spaceship from Athens, OH played next. I like their minimal set up and their minamalist sound. They are a two piece. They have a shitty drum set with lights that go on and off. The beats played on it are driving and barely holding together. A weird metal looking guitar spits riffs out of a peavey combo with the gain all the way up. It is very rhythmic. They set up in the middle of the floor and encourage the crowd to gather around them as they make sounds and play hard. What other reasons are there to start a band? I have seen them better but I still enjoyed their set. After the show I made plans for an Athens journey when the weather warms up. I want to swim all day and coast down the giant hills at night on my bike.

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