Show #23

2/28/09 @ The Warner House, Cincinnati OH


Cheap Girls

Failures Union

Tin Armor  


We rode in the Tin Armor van down to Cincy. Delay will probably be vanless for awhile so the ride was appreciated. The Eilbeck bros (me/Austin) and the Umland’s (John/Matt) had an intellectual conversation about how we feel about Kanye West’s use of the voice modulator on his new album. The Eilbeck’s hate it, the Umland’s love it. I fell asleep to a soothing sound track of Belle and Sebastian and was stirred back awake by a Dead Prez song. The Umland’s were discussing how brooding and hatefully clever Belle and Sebastian are. Then they talked about how amazing it is that Dead Prez can fit so many syllables in such a short time. This is an example of why I love the Umland brother’s of Tin Armor.


The Warner house is on Flora not to far from CU. It is a tall, thin, rectangular house that reminded me of Philly more than an Ohio city. The house was so nice and the residents owned it. I was immediately jealous. Money for rent of mortgage? I am just not at that owning the time in my life.. They had quirky collectable decorations like Blatz beer signs and lunch boxes. They also had an arcade game (Street Fighter) in the middle of the living room.


We played first. We got kind of got rushed to start so we set up in a hurry and tore through maybe twenty minutes of music. I was happy with how we played. It felt good. It felt like how playing in Delay should feel. Like some type of home feeling. Like the most honest reflex I have. When it feels so natural, I have flash backs of practicing in Jesse’s parents basement. I imagine us finishing a new song and finally playing it all together. We would get so into it. I could feel spiders crawling up my spine. It would be just the three of us on planet Delay. I miss those days.


 I wanted to drink something to be loose and I did. It made me miss half of the bands. I talked to people about nothing too important. Kids involved with the shows in Cincy right now are awesome and I was happy to talk music and life with a bunch of them. I feel welcome there. I danced to Tin Armor with Sam Bucky and David. I wanted something more though. It’s some type of connection that I am missing. I’m clicking all of the buttons on street fighter and I cannot figure out the special move to surprise the opponent with my best stuff.


Cheap Girls are from Michigan and they are catchy like late Lemonheads but with more pop punk roots. They are a brother band too! They helped Delay with one of our first out of town shows. It was in Saginaw, MI at a Tanning Salon. They moved the beds aside and we played to seven kids. It smelled like coconuts. The pool party after the show was the best part.


Failures Union play ex-punk, late Dinosaur Jr. style stuff. Catchy, but I could use a shorter set and more variety in their sound. I think their recordings are solid material and worth checking out.


I had a chance to be there for a friend with a heavy heart as the show wrapped up. It is good to take those oppurtinities and make the most of them. Hopefully I helped.  When you are needed it is good to just be there. I fell asleep for most of the van ride home after clumsily unloading our stuff from the basement.

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