Show # 24

3/1/09 @ The Monster House, Columbus OH

The Pharamones

Kurt Russel

Cedar Fist

Heath Deadger

Night Beat


It was an all local show. The atmosphere was one of friendliness and familiarity on a Sunday night. Everyone sounded good to me.


It was Pharamones first show. Steve on keyboard and vox, Pat on the drums. It was simple and catchy. I was pleased at their clever pop sense together. I love watching my friends create and perform. I think they should keep at it because I enjoyed the rickety ride on their pop tunes.


Kurt Russel was tired because it was there third show in a row in Columbus and they raged pretty hard the night before. We joked and said they were on tour. They covered a Delay song… Everything You Hate. They made me sing it. I didn’t think they actually knew the whole song so I was just dicking around. Oh well, next time I’ll nail it.


Cedar Fist was more confident at this show and gave a much stronger performance than at their first show. They have a heavy and harsh sound going well for them.


Heath Deadger thrashed and shredded and I love that band. After their set, I had a talk with some new show attendees from the outskirts of the CBUS about why Kristina barked in their faces for dancing too rough. That Kristina is bold with a temper. I was reasonable with them and just tried to describe our value at Monster House for a comfortable environment. They ended up being understanding enough to make me not really care too much about the situation. We all are from somewhere else. I used a fair conversation to build a bridge between us, even if the bridge took some bullshitting to hold up.


Night Beat had a two song sloppy punk-noise set. They did a Biff Boff Barf cover which made sense because it was John and Max from Biff Boff Barf on drums and guitar. The treat was Emil (sp?) on vocals. He made up lyrics to song number one and they ended up being about how mad he gets that Chinese Food places have white rice and not brown. It was a spin off of a BBB song. The Biff Boff Barf cover went, “I don’t mean to be such a pessimist. But I am just such a pessimist.”


The night ended with a photo shoot of high school prom pics and Troi’s balls on my Digi cam. Laughing in the kitchen is always a nice way to end a show.

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