Show # 26

3/7/09 @ Eastland Inn, Berea OH


Kranepool Live (aka Pat’s dad Ed)


At the bar I’ve walked by a million times but never been in, I saw my best friend’s Dad play a set of covers. He didn’t know we were coming. We drove down all crammed into Pat’s station wagon. We got pulled over for his “cracked windshield.” I think the police just saw us all jammed in and thought we were on drugs or up to something illegal. When Pat’s dad saw 8 of us walk in the living room like bar all at once, a wide smile appeared on his face that stayed for most of the night. Everyone looked at us kids for a moment and then went back to watching the Cavs game. He gave us all a shout out. Then he said, “I hope those ASCAP people aren’t here” as he strummed through classics from The Proclaimers and Billy Joel. He even had a Motown section in one of his two 45 minute sets. They were his own versions anyhow, where the correct chords weren’t always that important so I don’t think he could have been sued. Laughs happened. Drinks happened… maybe a few too many from generous supporters of youngens having a good time. People caught on to Lindsay’s snort when she laughed and I totally it lost it over that. Ms. Wendy was the DJ of sorts and we laughed at the memory of throwing her old toilet off of her roof and into the shingle dumpster.  We (me and Austin) were putting a new roof on with the Crann men for her. A guy who could have been country music star Kenny Roger’s brother said he had underwear older than all of us. Then he called our high school “ghetto.” He bought us all shots. “Firewater!” said Ed as he slammed the glass down on the bar. The night ended in dizzy heads full of feelings all stirred up. Outside we blurred the line of a cold rain falling and tears. Sometimes your hometown has home feelings and you have to be in the rain for a moment to try and dilute them a little bit and that’s all we need to know here. I walked to my parents with Lindsay, but not before leading her on a mud trudge around Coe Lake. She was worried I didn’t know how to get to my parents. I did, although the line there was more crooked than it had ever been. I felt like a real loser as I stumbled in the door and later puked fries in the shower. What a feeling. To be young and dumb and dizzy with feelings and a gut full of half chewed fries.

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