Shows # 27 and 28

3/8/09 @ The Soggy Dog House, Lakewood OH


Psyched to Die

Deep Sleep

Lose The Tude


It was a slow Sunday night. It was like everyone at the show had to work at 8 or something. Besides that fact, people came out and that made me happy and I like so many Clevelanders, especially those Soggy Doggers. They are solid dudes.


MMP was hip hop with spazzy vocals over strange looped beats that would sound like Castlemania, the video game, and then like a deranged cartoon theme song.


Psyched to Die from New Jersey was rock n roll and old school punk. Yelled and sung vocals. In Columbus they would have fit on a show at Bourban Street with The Feelers. They are a band that should only be heard on 7” vinyl. Its just good punk rock. They had unique covers too. The Descendents “Rockstar” and X’s “We’re Desperate.” I am a growing fan of X so that ruled… although I later admitted that the first time I heard X was Pennywise covering that song on a Punk-O-Rama I got from Hot Topic in Great Northern Mall. Gotta start somewhere, right?


Deep Sleep from Baltimore sounded like Black Flag and All slam danced together. They were extremely tight and blasted right through their set. I was into them. They have simple shock art too that fits their sound.


The Lose The Tude set was fun. It was our first show up in Cleveland and I think it went well. We had energy, even if we had to dig back into the magic of Friday feelings and pull them up to Sunday. The drive home down I-71 was the same as it ever was. A station wagon full of friends eating gas station junk food after midnight.


3/9/09 @ The Puppy Cave, Columbus OH

Letters To The Moon

Maryn Jones

Matt Czerwinski

Ryan Starinsky


It was a mellow evening of acoustic music in the house known as the Puppy Cave. Recently, my friend Chelsea who lives there along with Maryn and Ryan, was watching a dog for a friend. Long story short, the dog was prego and Chelsea delivered 11 puppies in her house with the help of a book I checked out for her at the library. Hence the name, Puppy Cave. The dog is back in her home now and the puppies have found new homes too except three cute little caramel puffs who squeal all night.


It was a show of just friends and acquaintances sitting cross legged, watching performers like story time in first grade.


Lisa and I started the show and I felt like we had a strong performance. We even pulled off a brand new song. I love that new song feeling. The energy is unmatched when the passion is seeping through and the song is almost falling apart.


Matt played self loathing songs that were hopeful. I know that sounds impossible, but he pulls it off and sings about his real life. The songs are all related to struggles for identity, meaning, and happiness. Simple stuff that needs to be sung out.


Watching / hearing Maryn Jones is like running through a field with a butterfly net and catching one with every stride through waist high grass. After the net is full, you stick your head in and feel a thousand wings saying hello, making you believe in love.


Ryan Star-in-sky played some new songs tonight and I like the new direction of his songs. He is more confident too. “I don’t need another protest song, to tell me this is all wrong.”

I hung out enjoyed everyone’s company and friendship. We talked about being stupid and 16, seeing bad ska punk bands and killing boredom in our own ways.

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