Show # 29

3/10/09 @ Skull Alley, Louisville KY


Dillinger Four

The Bouncing Souls

“This is wierd.”
We all said it more than once before and during the show. Bouncing Souls- The band we based our high school adventures around going to see, complete with eight hour drives, sleeping in the car in a hotel parking lot, Jesse’s first stupid tattoo.. Dillinger Four- Providers of a destroy the Screamer House kitchen sound track for Jesse’s 21st birthday. They have also appeared on numerous mix tapes. I have a fond memory of the first track from “Versus God” blasting on the old Stink House porch in the summer.  
A lot of people came. A sold out amount of people. I was nervous and anxious and I couldn’t stand in one place. I am used to the comfort, familiarity, and more welcoming atmosphere that some DIY spaces can offer. Stephen and Sarah D from Bloomington were there doing the Microcosm Publishing table and they were definitely a nice distraction from the anxiety. Because of the band’s popularity, this was punk in a more mainstream context. I had flashbacks to being 17, paying 20 bucks to see Pie Tasters and Catch Twenty Two, feeling akward and like I couldn’t talk to anyone. There were some skin head looking types, large mohawks, and doc martin combat boots. There were also the jock types who love pushing scrawny freaks around and only knew the new and bad Bouncing Souls songs.
Our set went great as we started out the night on a five foot stage. Did I mention we had a sound check? And there were monitors? 11 songs in around 20 minutes. I felt we had a tight energy and a good presentation of what Delay does. I guess we didn’t say much. We just talked about Skull Alley and how cool and important independently run all ages venues are. I didn’t grow up with anything like that around. It was all “Clear Channel” presents shit or strange teen centers, although those were awesome! A place for everyone to see good shows and touring bands from the underground can change lives. People need a place to get exposure to expression, art, passion, and music. It is an empowering, community building thing. We mentioned DIY shows and the importance of having control over your own art, to keep it authentic and potent. We talked about self validation of one’s art or music rather than needing recognition from the mainstream. We make it, so it counts! I also said “I don’t know about selling thongs” because Bouncing Souls were selling them. Is that necessary? How much shit can we sell kids for too much? Is this a punk band, or am I at the fucking mall?
Dillinger Four was amazing. They were tight, melodic, and fast pop-punk. I could tell they liked playing and that really gets me into a band. They were also laugh out loud funny. Their set was a well rounded selection of their hits. I am a permanent fan.
Bouncing Souls were drunk, slow, and kind of sloppy. I didn’t care too much. They played some really good old songs that I got all sweaty for.
We got to meet the bands in the back food room while eating the delicious vegan eats that Skull Alley provided for the bands. D4 was so nice. Ringle (aka, Big Record Label who put out our LP, Don’t Laugh) started to talk with them because he needed to tell them that Delay actually liked them a lot. On stage I sarcastically called them “some other band” and they brought it up on stage and that was hilarious. We got into a nice converation. I let them know I heard them on a Fat Wreck Comp in middle school. Patty said he has wanted to see us. He bought two of our records and I was like… what? Really? We talked to the B-souls too and they were kind as well. We talked about Jimmy Buttons, the infamous Columbus punk who toured with them in the late 80’s. All in all, our brush with our heroes in Louisville, KY was a good experience. I’m happy we played and got to be a little geeky about the bands we love. The drive back featured more gas station snacks and stinky, shoeless feet prohibiting me from achieving any sort of decent sleep before driving that beast of a van that Tin Armor let us use for the show. I think we will be famous now (mmm.)

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One response to “Show # 29

  1. Kelly

    Hey Ryan,
    I was talking with Billy (D4) last night about this show, and he really enjoyed Delay! They are planning a small midwest tour this spring (I believe it might be to and/or from Insubordination Fest in Baltimore) and mentioned playing Ohio with The Dopamines. It sounded like there might be more than one show in the mix. I think you should see if you can play with them again.

    I hope all is well! Much love from Minneapolis!


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