Show # 30

3/13/09 @ The Indy Media Center, a benefit show for Indy Media.. Columbus OH
Ghost Mice (only Chris because Hannah’s cat was injured)
Stupid Party
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb
This day was just running around like a crazy man day. I woke up late, loaded (somehow) almost all of Delay’s equipment into my roomate David’s little car, and drove to work to shelve books for some hours. My hip hurt at work from carrying Austin’s abnormally heavy bass amp. I felt like a 90 year old man. After work, I went up to the show and did some Food Not Bombs cooking. I helped make a ton of food with Connie and Mark for the bands and people attending the show. The food turned out really good but the chili made me pregnant with gas. Then I helped set up the food serving and helped my bro load in equipment and set up the PA.
A ton of people turned up for the show. The Indy Media Center carriage house was full and like an oven. I watched the door; took money and marked hands. Only one group of kids were rude to me about giving money to the bands and the benefit. We argued and then they left cause they were too cool for us or something. I think it was really because all the punx were stinking up the joint.  It was nice to be stationary at a show for once rather than pacing around like an anxious and distracted bouncy ball. Austin and I kept getting called outside during the show to meet with the Red Cross’ (next door) night security guys. They were making us get people to move bikes and cars off their property. They were irritated with us at times but I think really they were actually happy to have something to do and people to talk to… Austin and I.. AKA “Those twins.” The one guard was telling me kids were smoking weed and fuckin’ in their cars. He said he didn’t care though, just don’t mess up their property. He thought I was on pills because I was apparently jumpy. I was not on pills or anything at all. I know he thought we were all strange. My brother tried to explain what was going on but I don’t think he understood why a bunch of weirdos were gathered in a really small space to see crappy bands. He said he wished he still sold drugs because everyone would want some extacy; they would be “bustin a nut all over up in there.” I did not bust a nut at the show, but it was pretty enjoyable.
Bookmobile was a local indie pop act. Nice guys. They had a tight sound. My brother works with their guitarist. Catchy but middle-aged sounding, like Gin Blossoms at times (not a bad thing).
Ghost Mice from IN and FL played next but it was just Chris because his bandmate Hannah’s cat was very injured and she stayed back to take care of the cat. I was happy to see him and Adrianne. They are sweet people who are easy to be around. Chris gave the kids the folk punk they craved. A hippie in a hemp hat danced behind him for his entire set and it was perfect. I wish I could dance like I was on LSD, with out a care for who might be watchhing.
Shellshag is a grungy, drug-pop two piece from SF and Brooklyn. Low male vocals and K-Records-esque female vocals. Really distorted guitar and pulsing drums. They gave such a good performance, even with a time out because the fire marshal showed up. Me and Trin (helps with Indy Media/Free press) lied to him about capacity. We sent kids temporarily out to their cars. We miraculously lied a similar estimated number in attendance. Fire marshal left and no ticket was written. He told me to make sure I watched how many people were coming in. If one person went out, another person could go in. I did not do this. I said fuck it and let everyone in.
Stupid Party from Brooklyn played next and I loved them. They are sloppy pop punk with desperate, thin vocals cracking and straining. They have moving peavy combo amp bass lines that provided bottom while the guitar riffed all over the place and hammered out power chords. They are a band you should see this year. For fans of Hickey.
This Bike is A Pipe Bomb from Pensacola, FL played next and got people dripping and smelling with their jangling, twangy, folk punk. People were making the floor shake. So much fun to see live.
We played last and it was wild. It was one of my favorite shows of all time, and that is a lot of shows. People danced, sang, sweated, crowd surfed, knocked over the mic… it was all kinds of joyous crazy. We may have missed a few notes but no one was keeping track. Kurt Russel did guest vocals on “Everything You Hate.”
The night ended with another loading and unloading of equipment, a stupid smile on my face, and horrible garlic stankin’ gas.

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