Shows # 32 and # 33

3/16/09 @ The Monster House, Columbus OH
Rage Against The Cage
The Needy Visions
Absolute Magnitude
This show had a great turn out for Monday. With only three bands playing, I honored “punk time” and started an hour later than the time I had on the flyer.
Rage Against the Cage began the night. They are 8 men with flannels (unbuttoned), tacky sun glasses that a professional ball player might wear, long untamed hair, and cheap beer in one hand. They sing a rousing chorus of “Yeahs” and “Uh-uh’s” and “Uh-Huh’s” into everyone’s ears, accapella, in unison. It is histerical.
The Needy Visions from Boston had a real 60’s, catchy and fun garage rock sound going. It had a laid back groove. The singer’s Boston accent was so thick, especially when he gave the title to one song called “Wheymouth.”
Absolute Magnitude brought the old school punk hardcore with intensity. They are pretty fast in every song but there are some break downs here and there. I am glad a band like them exists in Columbus. They are good to shout along with. Their guitar player Mikey jumps all over the place while shredding out of this noisy old amp that looks like a dehumidifier. They gave me a shirt that says “Ohio Punk” on it around their name in a very motorcycle like font. I also got their 7″ for free. How could I not like them?
One asshole came to the show and was the type of asshole to run their mouth and be offensive and make fun of everything going on because that is their shtick. What a sad shtick. Get a life. Build something of your own instead of tearing other people down- and the flyer off the wall that my brother made. People like that make me livid. Going the opposite direction of being thoughtful and at least respectful towards people who are just trying to make something positive happen seems like such a waste of energy. Other than that, all was good at the show. It was an easy clean up and I enjoyed my Monday night.
3/17/09 @ The Legion of Doom, Columbus OH
Quick Fix
Broke As A Joke
Saint Patrick’s day is so annoying. No one looks good in Kelly Green and college town kids don’t need an excuse to be drunker and stupider.. but they take it for all it’s worth. I walked to Legion and no one fucked with me so I was happy. The weather was nice and I was in a good mood. I was ready to hang out on the Legion porch in between bands.
A melodic punk band, the bad kind of melodic, American Idol type of melodic, started the show. I didn’t have much interest. I played Street Fighter for Super Nintendo against Ana instead. I am not good at street fighter. We shared coffee and chocolate.
Quick Fix from Iowa City played next. They were hardcore punk influenced by 80’s American Hardcore. For kids who wear old school vans and holey tight levis. The lead singer was the first person I have ever seen take out their wiener and play with it at Legion mid set. He was the type of singer to try and push buttons. I just smiled when he sang in my face and wiped the spit off my eyelids. I’ll show him how to be naked at a show!
Broke is A Joke is a great Columbus Hardcore band. The lead singer (Lukas) has this high, strained yell that I really like. It is comparable to CIV on the first Gorilla Biscuits full length but with out the cracking. They have a good balance of catchy, rythmic break downs and blasting, thrashing parts. Their set was a little over ten minutes of raw throat, youth crew jumps, and hardcore stomps.
I headed home after eating someone elses double stuffed oreos with Jimmy Buttons.

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