show # 35

SHOW #35 Lexington, KY @ Third Street

Joe Magnum

Saint Seneca

Letters to the Moon


I had a healthy morning walk. The sun was out but the air was brisk. We had a morning of reading, writing, and tea- No stress. Breakfast burritos. Brendan (S.S driver) brought a ridiculous Lord of the Rings style pipe that he got being in a wedding. We smoked it like true former English majors would do, puffing intelligent smoke into the air, thinking about Beowulf or some other crap.

The drive to Lexington, KY was cake. Good conversation ensued. It pushed the little Toyota along. We talked music; the DIY community. We talked of lost or remaining faith. We talked drinkin.’ Those topics could fill up hours. We all agreed that puking hunched over a toilet is the lowest you can feel in life. Everything is wrong and you will never drink again. Right.

Zach told a story about drinking So-Co with Grace, Luke, and Steve out in front of Ohio State’s Wexner Center in the risen beds of swaying ornamental grasses. It was his first drinkin’ to get drunk adventure. They were kicked out by a security guard. Zach returned home to find out his apartment had somehow (it was never figured out) caught fire and his room was burnt up, along with all of his stuff. “It was freeing,” he said. The unexpected disaster can put our sights on the important things in life.

The show was a laid back show with a small but attentive and friendly audience. My cousin Kelsey (recent KY grad) and 3 friends came.

Joe Mangum played first, solo on the uke. Youthful and hopeful songs. He handed out percussion instruments to the audience. I played wood block. He did an acoustic version of Gorilla Biscuits “Start Today.”

We played second. I enjoyed performing for familiar Lexington faces. Delay has played a 100 degree show in Anthony’s (booked the show) old Bourbon St. living room. The house wasn’t much more than a living room. It was the dirtiest house I have ever stayed in on tour ever to date. If you moved the dishes, you’d hear scampering bug or rodent legs. I have circle pitted in Lexington to female fronted hardcore bands, played basketball at the Y, lost my favorite mittens, been distracted by a table of radical lit at a show… To sum it up, I have been inspired and happy there.

Saint Seneca captivated folks again with their voices battling the hum of the vitamin water fridges plugged in behind them. They have talent and good songs that wrap around you.

We went to my cousins for a bit while Anthony got to a sports bar. He’s straight edge, not the bar type, but he NEEDED to catch the Louisville U March Madness basketball game. They are having a season and that’s his home team. His Mom was going to skip a family birth to see the game if she had too. After spending time with my cousin and her friends, not to mention eating all of her girl scout cookies, Anthony hosted us. In exchange for over night residency, we had to watch this messed up French horror movie in which most characters were killed violently with scissors (Inside). Anthony loves people drenched in blood.

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