Show # 36

Show # 36 Richmond, VA @ The Clit Pit




Letters To The Moon

Saint Seneca


Richmond is a town I have always liked. The James river, Little Caesar’s dumpster, the old houses, the rich punk history, the below the Mason Dixon southern welcome… AVAIL! We arrived to Ramey, Anna, and Meg’s to Ramey making us vegan burritos. The Clit Pit (an all lady, feminist/lesbian friendly house) was very clean and warmly decorated. They had a librarian pleasing organized collection of awesome records, VHS, DVDs, and almost every Goosebumps book ever written. It was a very personal living room show.

Ramey played uke and with a lovely alto voice, sweetly sang covers about love and whiskey.

Meg played next on the 6 string and had originals and covers. She had the singer/songwriter vibe going and a strong voice to carry her songs. She established a do-over rule for mess ups. Who needs perfection?

Joe played a few songs next and I was happy to see he was alive. Last time I was in Richmond  (Delay playing with Friendly Fire and The Ergs) he had a nasty brown recluse bite right on the back of his knee. Now he just had a gnarly scar. Turned out it got worse after I saw him and luckily a family friend and medic scraped, drained, and antibioticed it just in time to avoid amputation. His voice was unique and could fly right up to falsetto. Other than that, I think he was nervous and under practiced.

Saint Seneca had tired tour stress in their eyes from the old lock-yer-keys-in-the-trunk classic. Zack’s vocals were under stress too. They managed to hold it together though and give an enjoyable performance. Sometimes you have to dig a little bit to find the energy.

We played last and I was happy to see friends. Max (Friendly Fire) came, even in the wake of his house burning down. I gave him back The Descendents hoodie he left in CBUS. Mike Cool came and we caught up on each other and then made fun of jock hardcore.

After the show, the tour crew hit the streets to dumpster pizza behind Little Caesars. All we found were bitten up crusts; rattling fossils of the delicious past in a cardboard box. We ended up eating Aladdin’s Middle Eastern food. We had half grease, half cheese pizza; the healthiest and finest dining for up and coming musicians.


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