SHOW # 38

3/22/09 @ The Frisby House, Baltimore MD

Saint Seneca

Letters To The Moon


Pirate Island

It is important to remember that running around with little or no purpose is beneficial to health and happiness. Nice weather called us to take a walk with the Frisby house crew to play ultimate Frisbee at the dog park.  Watch out for dog poop! Who cares who won?

Frisby resident Kate hooked up some spicy, vegan cheddar stew that we sopped up with garlic bread. Patrick and Randi (B-more buddies) brought us over a dumpstered cake with a frosted addition

“Welcome to BRAWLTIMORE!”

The show was well attended because Jordan did a great job setting it up. Saint Seneca started the show and they are pros already. They are natural and genuine in things they say and the way that they play. I think people can tell.

Lisa and I played next. I felt awkward for the first time playing on this tour. A couple of wrong notes and over thinking or doubting your expression can chip your confidence. We still managed a good set though.

In high school I saw ANTI FLAG a handful of times. It was dangerous and exciting. I was screaming about hating cops and republicans and the government and I couldn’t even vote. What a feeling. But a feeling like a lit fuse with no dynamite at the end. There I was with young blood boiling…then simmering…then back to school with a new t-shirt. Where was the depth? What happens when the rhetoric seems hollow and the room stops echoing? It takes thoughtful criticism, along with direction, or at least an idea of how to deal with the struggle against a capitalist society built up to be the world’s beacon. Most of the time, I feel like we are all supposed to be holding the American float in the parade and it has taken flight with us just dangling by the ropes we were trying to hold it down with. How do we deal with oppressive government and foundations built on greed and corruption? We are alienated from each other. Where do we find an identity in which our minds and bodies are free and truly belong to us? How will we love each other and our earth? When I hear and watch Spoonboy play and speak about his songs, these oppressive forces lose steam and it feels like we gain it. Isn’t that the perfection of music? Music is the only time I can be convinced. Convinced of happiness. Convinced of love and humanity. Convinced of hope.

Pirate island played last. They were a ska band that doesn’t play ska anymore. It was fun to dance too.

After the show we walked to an empty house lot around the block and hit rotten fruit with a baseball bat. It was freezing but Luke and I stayed committed to wearing jean shorts for the whole day. We didn’t back out. Me, Randi and Patrick ended up throwing clementines at each other and attacking each other with whips of lettuce. I walked to Randi and Patrick’s for a tour of their house after rotten fruit baseball ended. Its filled with x-men posters, show flyers, and comic book posters. Both of their rooms have nerdy amounts of action figures and other collectables. Patrick takes it further with nerdy amounts of records and tapes as well. I love them. I left to stay up until 5 am, listening to Lemuria and enjoying the sweet sounds.


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  1. Patrick

    say…who you callin’ a nerd?!

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