SHOW # 40

3/25/09 New Paltz, NY @ 14 Mulberry Street

Marigo & Benji

Letters To The Moon

Saint Seneca

Matt Gordon (RED SLED CHOIR)

We arrived in New Paltz to 14 Mulberry Street just in time for a huge pot of Chili to be done and waiting for us. I love chili, especially when it is still a little cold outside. In winter, the ice cream truck should become the chili truck. Mulberry Street is host to a living room floor I slept on two nights in a row in 05’ on tour with Delay. It’s strange to step back in time. It can make you feel all out of order. It was cleaner this time which I will attribute to Cheryl (resident) and her tidiness obsession.

Marigo and Benji began the living room show. They were song writer hippie folk. She had a strong and clear voice that was lower. I liked when she would visit the higher register on occasion. It was powerful.

Lisa and I were next. Rosy cheeked and energetic we began our set with happy birthday on the phone to my Grammy’s answering machine. I had a jaw full to say because New Paltz is a place I have been a few times- Been swimming, been slip ‘n’ sliding, been dancing, been in love, been drunk singing Nirvana.

Saint Seneca is consistently good. Their set featured an epic voice crack from Zack. They sometimes bicker between songs, little things. I would remove that from the set.

When a musician has a set of jingle bells tied around their ankle and an accordion on their lap, I will usually assume they are about to do something I never could. This is truth to me as I watched Matt Gordon. He can also finger pick guitar with ease. He is a craftsman of song with a unique voice. He plays as Red Sled Choir. One of the best solo performers I have seen in awhile.

After the show a sporadic game of midnight 4-square ensued. We had a goofiness harnessed. The game got down to everyone having 4 lives. Each time you got out you lost one. Somehow I won. I was victoriously carried on everyone’s shoulders inside. As soon as my feet touched the carpet, a dance party erupted. It was an 8 minute intense party that was fueled by Matt Gordon jamming over a demo beat on the living room electric organ. Steva had a stunning solo dance recital that almost moved me to tears. It was the climax of the night. We all sat drained on the couch. Later we went on a lovely evening walk about New Paltz. April Rose (resident) made sure to point out picnic tables that were great for summer make outs. We all found easy rest in the warm living room when we returned home, to someone else’s home.  

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