Show # 41

3/26/09 Ridgewood (Queens), NY @ The Hi-Five

The Fellow Project

Saint Seneca

Letters To The Moon

The Wild

Slingshot Dakota

The  transition from tossing raisins as high as we could and catching them in our mouths on Mulberry Street, to NYC traffic, was far too abrupt. We found ourselves naturally engulfed by the city and all of its busy ways. After some hours we made it to Ridgewood, a neighborhood in Queens. There was a potluck on the bands behalf in The Fellow Project’s apartment above the bar we would all play later. Familiar faces crowded the little apartment and everyone was happy to be eating and together.

The bar was run by a Polish couple. Ridgewood has a large Polish population but is ever changing, like most major cities. Euro disco music played while the men watching soccer wondered who all the people coming in were. We were all participating in the first ever show there. The owners were very nice- Joseph (owner) bought our merch: He told us he loves art, he was an artist himself. The bar is just for his friends. Art is his true passion. He knew about the epoxie we used to make our kitchy bottle cap magnets because he used it to install floors and shine them up. He told us to sell our art for more. He bought the entire show a case of PBR because he was so happy with the music and people in his bar. Would he stay happy as shows continued? Would he keep his bar as property value changes and artists come and go looking for cheaper rent? I hope so. His enthusiasm made us all feel important. We were lucky to be welcomed into his bar to share music.

Locals Fellow Project began the show. Joe, the singer, seems to have been raised on Dylan and Jim Croche. He’s got a nasally, rambling, talk-singy voice with a rumbling smoker’s edge on it. As a full band, they pull off some catchy head nodding rock. Solid drumming. Tia (bass) brought in a full low end and did some vocals as well.

I slammed a large beer faster than ever before with the Red and Blue (awesome pop punk band) trouble makers in the apartment. It was Coors and I felt like a Nascar fan but it was a buck at the convenient store we ran to in the pouring rain.

The Wild from ATL played a bouncy set of energetic folk punk. They came in a huge veggie oil bus they we could have all lived in. I can’t believe they found parking. This is the type of band you get a silly crush on.

I think Saint Seneca and Letters To The Moon collectively had our most solid performances of the tour. We were comfortable and confident with our fingers and voices.

Slingshot Dakota closed the show. They are like a punk Mates of State. Catchy with great vocals and keyboard and a huge drum sound. Oh, and they seem to be love birds together. I admire their always positive messages and their support of DIY ethics and punk community. Unlike Mates of State, they will probably never have a rider demanding new clean socks and organic cookies.

We all ended up crashing at Dave’s apartment from the website.

I don’t think I am a big (huge) city boy by any means, but it is exciting to visit. I fell asleep to honking horns and subway track clacks.

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  1. LISA

    I read no mention of the most attractive human to grace the Earth! It’s probably for the best that you edited him out.

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