SHOW # 42

3/27/09 Willimantic, CT @ Wrench in the Works
Bombs Away
Sinforianio Diaz
Letters to the Moon
Saint Seneca

Dave was kind enough to to treat us to a bagel breakfast and coffee. Shortly after, he set up his bright lights and his camera to let both groups do a Pink Couch Session. At night, the couch was inconspicuous. It was in disguise; blue and utilized by our smelly tour bodies for sleep. Right before the camera was set up, Dave tore off the blue cat hair magnet couch covering, revealing the Pink Couch in all its glory. The Pink Couch has lived some life.  It has recently has held the butts of many amazing artists. It looks less vibrant in person and there are some interesting stains on it, but it still has character and looks less ordinary than most couches. It was flattering and exciting to have a chance to perform live for his growing website. His site is supporting, connecting people to, and showing off the inspiring power and talent in independent music. It is a site for everyone. I hope it sticks around and sticks to celebrating the underground’s current musicians.

The drive to Willimantic, CT featured hellish traffic and a lot of stopping and starting. We were 2 hours late to the show, missing the first 2 acts. I hate that! Wrench in the Works is on Willimantic’s Main Street and has a nice sized store front, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. We came in just as locals Bombs Away were playing. They cranked out some 90’s emotional punk with sincere energy. It got me bouncing.

Sinforiano Diaz played next. He was a solo act and played a nylon string acoustic. As a local act, he was in a local mood; goofing around with friends, playing songs for a second that weren’t the song he was going to play, taking sips of sweet time in a irritatingly suave and casual way.  It would have been fine but we were leaps beyond anxious to play. We thought kids were going to leave for another show. After I chilled out, I could enjoy his warbley voice over finger picked guitar. I liked his songs with banjo accompaniment best. They had a wondering quality to them.

I tuned by ear to keep things moving. Lisa and I went through a pretty quick set standing in the middle of the room. Everyone was circled around us. We had pent up energy that came out in a good way.

Saint Seneca was on again. Steve, aka “Thunderfoot,” was washboarding his way into everyone’s hearts. Luke “couldn’t control himself” on the trash bin. It seems he has perfect pitch too. He has such control over his voice. Zach writes the hits. He plays and sings with a sureness that carries the band. I like the way he uses his voice. Grace’s violin parts flow simply through the songs and add beauty to them.

The last act was called Bruder. I heard they are a full band but they did a 2 man performance art piece at the show for some reason instead. One member had a sampler with a looping beat on it going over the PA. Then the other performer walked out in a towel towards a rack of business attire. He dropped his towel, stood butt naked, and then got dressed. Socks first, tie last. That was it.

We were all tired after the show. I was surprised we had the energry to dance like morons outside of Brendan’s car to rap on the radio while the guys at the barber shop across the street looked at us like we were on drugs. After that public display of fancy footwork, we hung out in the living room of Derrick and Rachel’s place. We had some magical vegan treats cooked by Rachel. Our tour appettites vacuumed the food out of sight.

Some one, I think Derrick, video taped the show. This is a new song called Search Party. Notice the kid with the white shirt go by. When he joins the audience he says  something like, I just pooped or farted or something like that. I laugh at his interruption and say “It smells good.” Notice the sweet faces we make. Rock.


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