show # 46

3/31/09 Allston, MA @ Franklin House

Two guys from a local punk band

Monster Mia

American War

Letters to the Moon


We woke up early in Boston to drive Chelsea Dirck to sign up for classes at Mass Art. Driving in Boston is something only people who grew up there can do well. I was making everyone nervous turning over the T-tracks and running lights by accident. Luckily we found a parking meter right by the school and some magic got me in the spot. Andy, Matt, and I wandered around and ended up stealing coffee and snacks from the school Cafeteria. When Chelsea met up with us again, she was stressed from college complications. The school was trying to say she needed to pay for a semester she was on leave for. With some prodding, an advisor looked for and found it in his email that she did not owe a thing. She was unsure she even wanted to enlist in classes again but was already in the process. Turns out, she un-enlisted from higher learning recently to pursue a degree in young love in Florida. Sounds better than school to me at this point, though future schooling should not be out of the question. You can always go back.

We met my cousin Jordan, the talented actor currently staring in the zany Broadway hit, “Sheer Madness,” in Jamaica Plains for lunch. We went to an awesome cheap, vegan friendly restaurant called Flora. We invited the people working to the show on a sharpie decorated napkin. They wanted to come but never showed up.

Our day was spent walking around the city exploring. We ended up where our friend Jeff, aka Super Bobby works. He is at the corner of Newbury and Berkely, working in a classy building with an old elevator to all the different offices listed on a wall. He works for a place called Spot, editing film projects for clients of the company. Once we arrived, his work became showing us highlights of his 2008 in videos and music he pieced together. From a short swimming hole adventure documentary to a dodgeball short- It is apparent that Jeff is a thrill seeker and a lover of life and friendship. After our afternoon at the movies, we parted ways with my cousin. He had to go to his show and we had to go to ours. We took the orange line T back to Jeff’s and he took it back to his tiny finished attic apartment. Be quiet when you walk upstairs because a crazy old lady will complain if you’re not. Cheap rent always comes with a price. I think mine is cats that pee everywhere.

Our show was in S. Allston by the train tracks in a big old house. The basement was decorated and more venue like than most places we have played. There was an impressive paint job on the walls and pillars using black, red, and bling bling gold. Josh from Serious Geniuses brought Lisa and I some veggie food from his work. Jeff brought us legendary vegan Chinese from Grasshopper. A resident of the house made homemade samosa and mango chutney sauce. How could we be so lucky?

Matt and I got some beers at ABC liquor a few blocks away. When we returned, the show was beginning. 2 bands of 2 guys, Red Sox fans I would guess, with Hot Water Music beards played. Both bands had members in local punk bands and they played with punk band energy although they were going acoustic. They had gruff, throat rattling vocals and heartfelt tunes in the No Idea Records vein of punk. I was distracted by brews and catching up with friends at the show. Band 1 didn’t have a name. Band 2 was called Monster Mia.

The Letters to the Moon set went over well. I’ve always felt like Boston crowds take winning over. They’ve been known to heckle and test you out. I think we did just fine.

Last up was on the show was this kid Brian. He was a pop punker who was playing acoustic guitar with desperate sloppiness. Nerdy and nasally vocals cracking ensued as he chopped at the strings. He was hysterical and brilliantly cheeky. His first song was about wanting to leave a hipster party but he couldn’t because, “Your bike is locked to mine!” He ended the song by screaming that he wanted to leave because he felt like “Poopy crap.” Then he switched to a chorus of how he felt like “Crappy poop.” I totally lost it. He also called an X-Girlfriend a poser in one song. My face hurt from laughter. After the show, we hung out at my friend Candace’s with Troi (New Creases/Heath Deadger) and Chelsea. I ate half a box of Cinnamon Life cereal dry and then fell asleep next to Chelsea. Tour life isn’t so tough sometimes; I love life (cereal).


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