magical chance

Sometimes you have a moment.  A now that can only be the sum of all things.  “Life has lead to here” you might say after the moment has had it’s impact on you.

Today I locked my roomates keys in my roomates car. Extra care would have been in good taste but I left those babies behind on the driver’s seat, clicked lock, and slammed myself into a dilema. They shined like cruel and jagged jewery in the sun as I longed for them. There was just a locked door and a squeaky window (rolled up) between me and them. I could see but not have. It was raining through my shoes. I tried keys for another car in the door. Nope. The low battery beep on my phone taunted me as I frantically called friends for a ride home or to see if they had Triple A. No luck. Everyone was out of town or Triple A-less.

Then I saw a familiar face. My roomate Jimi’s mom walked by me with books to return at her local branch, just the place where I stood. She gave me a ride home. We talked about Jimi and his art show and the library budget crisis and the greatness of seeing something in a garden grow. My life led up to Jimi’s mom giving me a ride home. The culmination of my 24 years up to this particular event could be assigned grand significance, but I will just say it was because I have a friend and he has a mom and I met her twice and I recognized her and said hi and she was kind enough to drive my soggy shoes home.


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  1. jimi

    “My life led up to Jimi’s mom giving me a ride home.”

    We all have to hit rock bottom.

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