show #51

4/5/2009 Syracuse NY @ Castle Rockmore

Tim Valentine

Marco Polio

American War

Letters To The Moon

Rolled into an old neighborhood full of ungentrified Victorian houses. They will share a fate with the rest of our “Redeveloping” cities as well. Redevelopment is the nice way of saying displaced poor people of lower income. There we were at a punk house. I don’t know how or what to think of that. Where do we live? The cheap rent, 9-5 dodgers? We got our footprints in the same places as the bad guys. Are we bad guys for this?

The show was in the attic of the spacious house. The ceilings were so high and not intimate. Tim played first. He had such a defined, strikingly handsome face. He played serious song writer songs. He also played 3 covers from the “I’m mad at you mix” from my first ever girlfriend; Osker, Saves The Day, ALK trio.

American War played second. We were goofing around for his whole set just trying to kick some energy into the silent, seated, awkward room. Andy yelled, “Oh Dag-gone” during a little riffage from Matt. No one reacted except me and Lisa. Everyone was nice at the show; people just seemed tired.

Locals Marco Polio were next. They had a unique charm.  It was folk punk but with no trite rules or boundaries about what to include. 2 singers: One vocalist had high, spazzy vocals that came out like he was being shaken. The other vocalist sang low and gruff like a cookie monster pirate. Good lyrics.

We played. We tried to excite. It went alright. Playing was fun and that counts for it all.

We hung out at Strong Hearts café after the show and got all strung out on coffee with Syracuse friends. It’s funny, the café is all straight edge supporting. If you ask me, coffee is the last legal drug.  It hooks people! Headaches and shakes… that’s dependancy people. Whatever. No big deal. Imagine a table full of punky brewsters up past their bed times, too hyper, trying to figure out how to clap with one hand. Laughing at the dumbest things is the best dumbest thing.


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