show # 54

4/8/09 Coudersport, PA @ The Salon

Luke Work

American War

Letters To The Moon

Mr. PB & J

The morning led us to Amy’s place again. Why not? We drove out to Niagara Falls. It was so windy that looking out at the falls was a challenge to the eyeballs. It was cold wind too. Trying to appreciate nature’s power and beauty ended up being a lot like cutting onions. We got a funny Polaroid taken by a passer by. Matt War permanently earned my respect shop lifting a cute piggy bank from the gift store for his lovely lady. Where did he hide that awkward shaped ceramic farm animal? After our short stay in the mists of tourism, we drove for winding roads and rolling hills through towns we may never see again in PA. Cell phone reception bars became un-colored in Black Flag logos. State Route road side river drives are my favorite. We ended up in a one bar on your cell phone valley called Coudersport, PA. It is a charming place with a classic, fading Main Street look. You can walk everywhere in town. The only places opened passed 9pm are Mcdonald’s, China House, The bar, and Sheetz gas station. They are also some of the only places open in the day time too. Oh, there’s also a video store and a sometimes opened library. A sun reflecting, shimmery windowed building sits vacant. It was headquarters for Ameritech cable company before a dirty money laundering charge put them under. The town also has their own story of Eliot Ness drinking himself to death in an old hotel that now eerily lingers, broken windows and chipping paint, next to the Allegheny. The river flows around 2 feet deep and 5 feet wide between man made cement slopes right through the town.

The show was in the building of a small hotel (6 rooms now), restaurant, and bar run by Ritz’s (Mr. PB & J) Dad. It was old and probably haunted. The lobby spoke a language of a different time’s detailed architechture. The show took place on the 2nd floor in an open room that used to be a salon.

Luke Work played first. He had a nasally voice and sang acoustic punky songs. He wants nothing to do with religion. He wants some friends to get their shit together. I can relate.

I talked to my Dad before the show. In regards to the show, he said, “Let em’ have it. Go from the heart.” It was a simple thing that maybe he has said to me before, but it was the right time to hear it again. I told it to Matt War. He played like he was thinking of that. I think the Judge of Coudersport saw Matt play a song that he said fuck in.

Me and Leesy played and I felt like we showed all of our off beat charm. I was happy with the set. I feel like it is important to be articulate in song explanation and performance in the prescence of an impressionable, young audience. Lisa is a pretty rad role model for younger girls, singing loudly and actively talking through our set.

18 yr. old Ritz ended the show with a set of acoustic pop punk. High, thin vocals.

After the show we had no option but to go to Sheetz, get shitty snacks, and loiter in true small town punk fashion. We sat in the glowing parking lot lights of consumerism until our chip eating hands got numb from 30 degree air. Coudersport is a place to leave before the military seems like your only option; or before the towns collective religious mentality settles in on your brain. Or before boredom leads to some form of destructive behavior and thinking. We explored the old hotel building and Ritz hooked us up with hot tea from the restaurant on the 1st floor. His friend Kevin filled us in on life as a 17 year old sponsored motocross rider. Broken bones and concussions. I think the kid will fall apart before 20. I got to sleep on a mattress with Lisa. It was my first ever night on a mattress in a real hotel room on tour. I think I am going soft.

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  1. Ryan, This is my first time reading anything. Ever. I loved it and will continue to read on.

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