An Old Feeling

The Allegheny knows the stream of Carnegie’s money

And the boats heavy with coal that sit like a headache.

Small houses are stacked in the mountain like milk cartons

Breathed on with industrial haze. Grey steel is on the rain jacket hoods

And umbrella slopes of those off to work.

It ‘s of no matter that the steel structures shedding paint have outlived their use.

They stand like scarecrows on the side of the river

Keeping the fish away.

There are new places to trade time for money-

New buttons to push though it’s never enough

For our ten-fingers in total

If you stare long enough at yesterday’s machines
Today looks  almost stalled

But you can feel Pittsburgh barreling along, dragging;

A weighed down freighter stacked with train cars full of a rusty history

The river flowing, slowly on

Water waiting to be refreshed
Full with the weight of decay

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Filed under Poetry, Prose, Rambling

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