show # 55

4/9/09 Pittsburgh, PA @


Joddo (Jason)

American War

Letters to the Moon

Ryan Starinsky

Someone random

We got to Pittsburgh a little early so we walked around the Lawrenceville area where the show would take place. Andy and I ran around an abandoned pool off the main road doing wall rides on our feet around the dangers of broken glass. Then we did exaggerated falls down a hill near a playground for Matt’s entertainment. We drank someone’s left out Kool-aid Squeeze-it as a tour bond made from foreign germs. We walked over to the show down Butler. People were lining the streets with flags. A funeral procession; 3 cops shot to death would soon be driving through town to the near by cemetery.

Tucked in amongst the paved slopes of Pittsburgh we found the old house we would play at. It was two houses actually and a young man named David owned them both, striking the market at the right lull. It was a buy one get one free; double cheeseburger. He is hoping to start a writer’s collective between the must of the old walls. He and his housemates welcomed us and made us food. They even gave us a free pass to Franzia box wine left over (a great deal) from a recent art show that Daniel’s sister Zoey had. Leanne (New To Everything Zine/Founder of the art project where participants document themselves doing some fun activity every day in a month, then there is an art show displaying the results… 31 letters, 31 cupcakes, 31 new places) set up the show for us.

The show was outside in a brick courtyard between the 2 houses around a campfire. The sun was disappearing behind hills in a way that made me feel at ease. That golden glow of the last light of the day is some of the sun’s finest work.

Emily from Pittsburgh started the show by singing 4 accapella songs. She had a great voice and witty lyrics. Her set was spontaneous; just to get things started.

Local Joddo played next. He had a voice that I admired. It was the type of voice to make neighbors wonder what was going on. He played some harmonica while strumming too. He would forget words and parts and do some mumbling at times. He would benefit from a bit more practice.

 American War was a pleasure to watch yet again.

To end the show, LTTM and Ryan Starinsky did a battle set. 2 songs then switch. Ryan sounded great to me. He can project his voice and his playing so well. His song writing is straight forward and easy to connect with.

 An addition to the show came when a friend encouraged a girlfriend around the fire to share some of her songs, drunk and all.

After the show, we drank more box wine. We ended up dancing around the kitchen table with the throw back poppy punk sounds of Blink 182 and Less Than Jake. Tommy (TOMAAAAYyyy), our long time Pittsburgh go to guy made infamous for BMX-ing in all black on the highway at night to show Delay how to get to his house to stay over, was there dancing too. Megan, a long running pen pal of mine was there and we danced on a slippery wine splashed floor like it was prom. I drank too much and things were more awesome in my head then maybe in reality… B-182 sounded so GOOD! But isn’t that the fun?

The long curvy car ride to Ryan’s parents was enough to wake me out of a passed out slumber to yack out of the door. I puked so hard that I pulled some muscles in my stomach and chest. Proud is not a word anywhere near my vocabulary for that feeling. Good thing I had good friends around. I slept easy but woke up hard feeling like complete crud. Ryan let me have some breakfast food that helped me feel less like slime and more like human. It was nice to see him and Maryn and feel a sense of home in there presence. We took off in the early afternoon.

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