SHOW # 57

4/11/09 Kent, OH @ The Vineyard

Max Stern

Two Hand Fools

Letters to the Moon

American War

The last day of tour feels like a screeching halt and an emotional flip back to reality. The sleep on the floor, gas station snack, new town every night life is over. Home is coming. Home feelings are coming. What have I learned? What will I keep with me? Well, I am putting that off cause I’m going to California for 10 days. I will probably put it off after that too.

I had a family day on behalf of Zombie Jesus day as Krissy would call it. Part of it was spent in Brecksville, OH and part in Olmsted Falls before we drove to Kent for our last show of tour. I ate too much. In Brecksville we played a game called Spitz and Osch (sp?) It’s a one on one egg match that we engage in every year. The first round, one player must take the pointy Spitz end of the egg to another players. Whoever has the cracked shell after impact loses. The winner keeps the losers egg. In round two, the egg is flipped and the Osch side is used in the same way. He/She who has collected the most broken eggs from other players, wineths.

Kent held familiar faces that were easy to see. Ohio has some good ones. Me, Leesy, Richard, and Kenny Dix had a drink @ Professor’s before the show began.

Max and Max began the show. I love the sound of acoustic guitar and acoustic bass together. Max is a good song writer airing his personal experiences and feelings with a late 90’s emo-punk influence. He’s got a good voice despite the laughs he won from the crowd when it cracked a couple of times.

Two Hand Fools, Cleveland’s young and brash folk punksters, played an enjoyable unplugged set. I liked hearing their songs in their rudimentary form.

Me and Lisa played next and we had a good final set. We have become so comfortable doing our thing. It leads me to excitement for continuing to work on songs together in Columbus. We have a connection and an easy comfort around each other. I want to celebrate it more. My grandparents, aunt Lorae and uncle Scott and aunt Jana all came to the show. I am lucky. I am loved and I return that love to them for supporting me. It is an nerve racking thing to perform my left field hymns in front of those who have a only a family perception of me.

Matt War officially closed out our tour with another fine performance. I closed my eyes and let the sweet melodies soak into my skin. I was sad. My love for him and our tour comedian Andy Gardner has grown. I will miss stinking up the car with them.

After downing the nasty caffeinated beverage known as Mr. Pibb eXtra to a soundtrack of the new Propaghandi record, me and Lisa made the long drive home. The dark roads past quickly as we talked about close relationships and where we hope to see ourselves. Long story short, I told her she was one of a kind with so much to share. Life is too short to let anger and jealousy get the best of us. We’ve got places to go and people to see.

It’s early morning Easter as I am finishing this journal entry on a plane to SF. I will have you in my thoughts. You and your greasy Kurt Cobain hair and the spirit to do whatever the hell you choose to. We have more lifetimes to live so long as we are permitted to stay on this earth.

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  1. angie gartner

    I loved reading about all the tour entries. You did such a good job writing about them. So many details I totally forgot about. It was definitely one of the funnest times I’ve ever had. I love you man!!

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