Show # 59

4/24/09 Columbus, OH @ The Gateway

Times New Viking

We were all out on our porch. We could hear music coming down the street and I said, “That sounds like a Times New Viking song.” It was. Druggy noise pop got louder as I advanced down 10th. They were playing on a 5 ft. high stage, backs to High Street,  playing for a crowd gathered in the common area of the glowing eye sore of college town cut-and-paste capitalism that is the Gateway. I wish it was a guerilla show at the expense of Gateway security’s sanity. It was part of Festival of the Finest, a showcase of OSU student art, sponsored by OSU and The Wexner Center for the Arts. The Gateway does not need help. They don’t need buzzed about indie bands to give them cred. They don’t need street artists painting (legally) on their walls to give them that urban appeal. It is a bland place for bland, mindless consumerism that we all fall victim to. I prefer to see bands play else where. People at Mcfadden’s bro bar booed them. A handful of brightly dressed youngsters swayed. I am on a fuckin’ high horse here. I did enjoy the experience, take that as you will. I nodded my head but was confused. Good band. Bad venue. The Gateway scares me because when all of Columbus’ power was dead for 2 weeks after the great windstorm of 08’, it shined like it was the pearly gates. The only time I entered a Gateway establishment, Ugly Tuna Saloona, I shoved a plastic gator from a margarita glass down my pants and a guy called me a faggot while a band Karaoked Pearl Jam or something.


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  1. ugly tuna — 50 cent beer on tuesdays. been there. good god.

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