Show # 60

4/25/09 For Real Fest 7 Athens, OH @ The Union

For the 4th time and in support of the final installment of Ray Houska’s (and many other helpful hands) For Real Fest, Delay held a spot as one of the only non screaming/yelling/shrieking/gurgling bands on the bill yet again. We held our own as melodic misfits. Through out the day we banged our heads to some sick bands like Coke Bust, XBrainiaX, and Black Dove. We circle pitted with pool toys around our waists. Columbus united in rock under the d-beat power of Nukkehammer and Blatz. The only bummer of the day came when kids at the show started a fight outside. It happened because some mosh bro’s were antagonizing college kids who were minding their own business walking by. They were spraying girls with super soakers in inappropriate places. In Athens, many expect a threat from a supposedly party educated student body. This time it was just morons from the show. Kind of disappointing. It didn’t spoil my time though because I left feeling like my ears were positively fucked. The fest ended with local love in the form of wasted wild man Zach from We March bleeding an unhealthy amount from the chin. He fell  face to ground while crowd surfing; then he stumbled through the rest of their set, graciously sharing a health hazard with a half freaked out half jubilant audience. We March is amazing live. It was a great turn out and a great time. Check out the FRF 7 comp Max released in DIY perfection. Get in contact with him here about it

line up flyer

line up flyer


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