show # 61

4/26/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House


Yea Big &  Kid Static

Dance Party Band (real name?)


It was the first show at our house in a while that guitars were absent from. No drums either. The beats came programmed on an iPod, laptop, or drum machine. The crowd was different too. With local rowdy boy Envelope on the bill, people who legitimately follow hip hop came out. It wasn’t just punkers at our house. The audience varied in race more than usual which was exciting but also made me shyer than normal. I cannot deny that.  I was nervous to interact because we really are not all the same. Why should we be afraid of each other? We form our identities from vastly different places and at different times. We have different ways of interacting and different codes and values. I was challenged. My brother had the right idea though; just introduce yourself. A good place to start is, “Hey, I’m Ryan.” Assume people will generally be glad to meet you and take it from there. The common thing we share is place so we might as well say hello while we breathe the same damp basement air.

MMP is a 2 piece from Cleveland. They play hip hop mixed with freak out scream parts, tastefully injected, over programmed beats that would fit nicely as the music playing in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory scene in which the boat goes through that tunnel and Gene Wilder gets all crazy eyed.

 Yea Big & Kid Static are an energetic duo out of the Chicago area kickin’ it with a more old school sound. Just straight forward and fun. A more up tempo, less snotty Beastie Boys comparison can pass here. Their set was the jump up and down type of fun with one guy in an ironically nerdy track uniform and the other in a slick ska band hat.

I didn’t catch the band name here but the next band was local. They played some sexy dance party music. They had a lot of buttons to press and they looked at each other a lot to know when to press the next one. To me, it was more like playing the radio and then changing the station to something new while head nodding. I didn’t get to into it. It would have been better for a fully packed room with a huge PA bumpin’ it.

Envelope was rosy cheeked and drunk by the time his set started. The stand out thing about his set was that he actually had a DJ spinning the beats and doing some work that really added an authentic sound to the music. Laid back hip hop ensued with many lyrics forgotten due to inebriation, friends talking shit to friends, and laughter. Envelope’s delivery is smooth and unique but I am sure much better on other nights. He had a guest come up and freestyle about his own greatness and other people’s gayness and how everyone was bitches and he could beat everyone in arm wrestling or something. I was not into that part.

It ended up being a fun night and a good change of genre at Monster House. I can’t believe how many beers Envelope drank. He responsibly cleaned each can up while his friend I asked not to smoke in the house lit a ciggy in the basement. Another night, another show.


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