show # 62

5/1/09 Hands Across Basements Fest, Cincinnati, OH @ The Warner House

The Final Nail

Utah Spirit Babys


Sin Orden

Lose The Tude

Knife The Symphany

The Read

YES! This was the rager I needed. Great bands. Kaleb from Sacred Plague Records did a phenomenal job organizing this basement extravaganza. There were even laminates for the bands! Many Cincinnati friends were in attendance. Locals The Read played with their friend Peyton on guitar duties. Sporting a new cast on his wrist, Jerry was the lone ranger with just mic duties for a change. In regards to his wrist: He broke it, neglected it, then broke it (for real) falling in a tall bike joust. Genius kid, right? Metal, hardcore, crust intensity ensued. It felt like the friendly, spilly beer, Midwest in the basement- Big smiles and people trying to crowd surf under a low, wire exposed ceiling. Utah Spirit Babys killed it with furious hardcore metal. Later on came my favorite Lose the Tude set ever. It was a blast performing with my closest crony Pat as the second vocalist. People got into it and even shouted along. I think Pat kind of looks like Rollins which goes over well. The Windy City’s Sin Orden was just pissed and harsh and intense. Their presence was serious. Next was Condena (CHI) and before their set, the vocalist gave the most fair, least condescending sharing of her personal ideologies with a kid who was a serious Christian. They actually discussed beliefs rather than getting caught up in personal sentiment and the typical rhetoric that can come on either side. Kudos to her and her fair mind. She did end up a bit drunk and covertly offered up the kid’s virginity during their set… he blushed …. It has to stay a punk show. Their drummer played with electrical tape X’s over her nips. They raged on some throat searing hardcore. Shane drove my drowsy drunk face home and I love him for it. He is a pretty good drummer too !


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