show # 63

5/4/09 Columbus, OH @ Skylab

Defiance Ohio


Bored Museum


The Read

Sword Heaven

After work I made 4 pizzas (for the show) with Amanda and rushed over to Skylab in Pat’s station wagon. The smell of pizza kept me energized as the PA bounced around in the back. I sat at the door and took $740, straining my voice to catch people ignoring me. I didn’t keep a cent because I am not a booking agent, I just set up shows. It’s good to take care of independent, DIY bands. Yeah, I did work- but the work benefits me because I meet a lot of people, although briefly and over money,,, but I hope to get the same treatment on tour in the future. Give and take. One kid donated 6 small bottles of Jack Daniels barbeque sauce.  I didn’t know cars could run on that.

I could not believe Madeline could still send her sweet southern voice over all the background noise. She did it for an hour actually; impressive. I enjoyed her set despite drunk conversations blocking  some of the nice sounds. Her songs are beautiful and I am confused as to why she is not the darling of everyone’s record collection. My favorite album she has out is “The Big Bang.” She plays exactly how the record sounds.

Locals Sword Heaven were powerful noise like I have never heard. It fucking hurt my ears. The sound waves hurt my eyes even. Drummer Aaron Hibbs had a contact mic taped around his throat and was screaming till his veins bulged blue through the dark red strained color of his neck. The other guy in the band did some electric droney loudness with buttons.

Annabel harnessed the night’s energy and put a little edge on their indie-pop perfection for the more punked up audience. Well done.

I watched kids who I have heard say “Faggot” and “Gay” in derogatory ways sing along to Defiance, Ohio; a band with two gay members. They had their shirts off like it was warped tour. They had tried to sneak in. They were stupidly drunk. They are stupid when not drunk too so imagine that. Not everyone gets it and in this case, I am amazed at how they have not gotten it yet. Have they ever read the god damned lyrics?

But Defiance got the people singing with every drop of sweat and all the sloppy hope in their hearts. They played a good mix of hits and had a pretty tight sound which isn’t always the case due to their instrumentation that crappy PA’s don’t agree with.  D.O causes drama in the BUS because they all moved away and their on No Idea and yadda, yadda yadda.

 A friend stayed over on the couch and he needs to find a job.

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