show # 64

5/9/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

What If?

You’ll Get Yours!

Panty Hearst

This show was supposed to be at the Punk Porch… Columbus’ outdoor generator show premier spot down on the bike path. The Olentangy does a little waterfall of our waste product type thing as a lovely back drop and the path opens up into a patio area perfect for loitering and having a show. Watch out for adult cyclists speeding in spandex. Well, the generator did not start so the show was moved to our house.

The show was fun but I would have preferred mother nature to have been host so we didn’t have to deal with party-erz. We just can’t say no to Chad Brunk. 

Panty Hearst are sass punk goddesses.

You’ll Get Yours is from Cinci and is reminiscent of Crimpshrine but sloppier and with way more heart. Sorry Jeff Ott, I know you think you have heart above all.

What If? Is Chattanooga beery, riffy, catchy, tongue in cheek punk that is fun always.

The funny but also annoying thing during the show was this kid with dreads that had to be on some weird drugs being the “sound guy” for the night. This meant he fucked with everything, even PA placement and made things feed back and consistently tweaked knobs even after Heather from What If? said she would kick his ass if he didn’t stop. I even asked him politely to stop. It seemed like he just wanted to participate which is fine with me, but it ended up being detrimental to the show. In hindsight though, I am sure everyone will have to laugh about it. People stayed over too long and Austin kicked them out by visibly cleaning up cans and making noises that kind of asked people to leave in a more subtle way than, “Hey, leave.. it’s 3 in the morning.”

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