show # 65

5/11/09 Columbus, OH @ Skylab

Ben Bennet

Biff Boff Barf

Rage Against The Cage

My Left Uterus

Me and Kari went to this show together. We had to hang out because she was (has moved) moving back to Utah soon. We started at 7 ELEVEN with Big Gulps to quench our collective sweet tooth. We needed pop; an unnecessary 32 ounces of it. We were jonesin’ and a buck and a quarter fixed it all. The guy at the counter was so excited that Kari had a little white Geo Metro, just like him. He made sure she knew they last for ever and get great mileage and can run with any oil in them. Her’s had crossed the country a few times already and would be her jelly bean with wheels back to Utah again soon.

The best part of the show was her company. We just made comments to each other the whole time about anything and nodded our heads music that was much better than boredom.

Ben Bennet is one of my favorite live performers. He is an experimental percussionist that never fails to entertain in creative ways. Scraping and tapping, spinning a record with his hand on a metal rod while jamming a huge needled with a cone masking taped to the end of it.

We laughed at the Creed inspired butt rock vocal powers of Rage Against the Cage, again. Then we cheered for the musical noisy slime that is Biff Boff Barf. That band is a wreck of loud and crummy sounds but I like it.

I saw My Left Uterus for the second time and enjoyed the very hard and rhythmically conscious, shirt off necklace danging drumming. The guitar player brought huge sound with pounding riffs and out of control, high vocals.

Kari dropped me off at “home” and we hugged and she told me she loved me and I said I love you too because I did and I do. The stars didn’t shoot or twinkle, we just said I love you and knew it was true by the words themselves. I miss my wisest friend.


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