show # 66

5/14/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

Jeremy Ruggles

Slingshot Dakota

Submarine Spaceship


Amelia (1st show ever)

Amanda has got running a show down. She made a flyer, meowing with cuteness. It was a cat face cut out with the band names under the nose. It could be worn as a mask too. She made enough food that us free loading house members could eat, which I am certainly a fan of. Sometimes my eating habits shift from human to vulture and I am waiting on the scraps. She also did well at taking donations, kindly asking everyone personally for a few dollars for the band’s gas.

Jeremy Ruggles from MI played folky stuff. They had a stand up bass. I love the low thump that comes from deep within it’s chest. I seem to have an extrememly hard time in stopping myself from participating in a band’s stage banter; especially if they tell a story about drugs and guns and Michigan boredom. I say a sarcastic haiku like, “What else is there, really?”

The Athens, OH duos made me happy as always. I love those kids.

Slingshot Dakota is a band from PA/NYC that I have seen countless times. Delay played with them on our first ever tour in 04?. Carly and former guitarist Jeff (now in Bridge and Tunnel) played an acoustic set in the living room of an LI punk house called Hobo House. I remember being in awe of the personal set. I was on a sinking couch cushion taking in every note. This was the best I have seen them as a two piece in the line up of Carly and Tom. They play keyboard indie-pop but with punk energy and hardcore positivity. They played as one; feeding off of each other and using more dynamics then I have seen them use in the past. They are a very vocal band, talking in between each song, often about important issues that we face even in the punk scene like sexual abuse. They are also proponents for DIY and DIY ethics. Donate to the bands. Enjoy and appreciate the music. Communicate ideals and discuss ideals. Be pro active in your community. Columbus and Ohio in general has growing love for Slingshot.

House members Amelia “headlined” the night playing their first ever show. Though I had been hearing their songs through the floorboards of the house for a couple months; it was very special to see the first full set. To see three people you care about have a collective, creative success is something I am truly lucky to be a part of. My favorite bands are the bands in which you can tell each member has contributed to the sound and Amelia is one of those bands. Their sound toes the line of a 90’s indie-punk-grunge sound. I didn’t know there was such a line but there is now that I said it. Maryn has an ear to catch the sweetest melodies in the grey cement block that is Columbus. Ryan plays with such attention to the subtleties of melody, rhythm, dynamic, and tempo and creates very fitting, not overly flashy parts. Jimi kicks in simple lines on a fuzzy bass that follow the guitar mostly, but will occasionally surprise a listener with a creative harmonic. The show was a success and I fell asleep happy and going to sleep happy is better for you than drinking a gallon of wheat grass juice.

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