show # 67

5/15/09 Cleveland, OH @ Soggy Dog House

Little Sister

Katie Merkur


Slingshot Dakota

American War

Eric Ayotte

I decided on a whim at work to drive to Cleveland with Amanda for this show. We went last minute. The spontaneity of our decision made interstate 71 a little more enjoyable than usual.  It was a full show at the Soggy Dog. It was full of Bildstein’s. It was like a family celebration event really. The eldest Bildstein boy, Patrick, did vocals for the new Cleveland HC band Little Sister. He screamed a scream summoned from the dogs that guard the gates of hell. It was honestly scary and I thought he might burst blood vessels in his eyes. Katie played later up in the living room; the living room in which my best ping pong moment of all life occurred in a game against Matt Sidekick. It took place at a snowed out show that me and PAT CRANN made it to over a holiday break. Since there was no show, ping pong took its place. I dove left, I dove right, SLAM! POINT! I celebrated by opening a beer that had been sitting on a shelf for a year. It fizzed everywhere because I accidentally shook it in a moment of athletic glory and bliss.

Back to Katie’s set. Selfishly, I wanted her to play a mean song about me, or even a nice one. She did neither even though she played a long set. I think she has at least one because she was my first ever girlfriend and we dated way back for more than a year.  Oh young heart break. She performed a song for her older sister with Patrick that made her sister and mom get all teary eyed. Yes mom was there too. They had to all hug and celebrate family. It is special how much they support and value each other but I felt left out not being related to them.  Katie has a great voice and I think she should play out more and keep writing songs. I would like to see more variation in sound, strum patterns, and vocal range.

I enjoyed Slingshot Dakota and Annablel’s sets in the narrow dampness of Soggy Dog’s basement. I like PA’s that actaully go loud enough for vocals.

Eric Ayotte and American War did a split set (2 songs from one, 2 songs from the other) to end the night back upstairs. I think living rooms were made for acoustic gatherings. It just feels homely and fitting. Both of these friends had good sets. Amanda and I made our way back home to Columbus shortly after the show.

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  1. pat

    correction….i was there for the greatest ping pong moment, not austin

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