show # 70

5/21/09 Columbus, OH @ The Circus

Tin Armor

Me and Shane had Lose the Tude practice. We became influenced by alcohol. We rocked more and continued to be influenced.

We walked to the old Hi Five now called The Circus missing every band but Tin Armor. Back in 04’, my first Columbus year, I walked into the old, old Hi Five and saw Ryan Salsbury playing pinball. I didn’t know him then. He looked scary with an evil beard and some weird overalls. I didn’t know that 3 years later we would be on tour together and 4 years later I would sleep at his house in Pensacola, FL. This Bike is A Pipe Bomb was playing that night and I had gone in with Matty G. to see the start time. I was afraid to go to the show. Those bike punx were spooky. I didn’t know that 2 years after that Delay would play with TBIAPB for a week of tour out west and become great friends. That same night Delay played down the street at Bernies with an old DC Rock N Roll band called The Shakedowns. Funny thing is I met Nick Popa from The Max Levine Ensemble cause he was drumming for The Shakedowns. He and his band mate David, bass player for The Shakedowns, danced to Delay. We weren’t sure if they liked us or if they were making fun of us because they were dancing so strangley. It was some zombie dance. Thankfully, they liked us. This event would start a chain reaction of events that changed my life. It was September 2004.

The new bar, Circus, seems mostly like a place for hipster dance parties. Upon arrival, Shane and I were generously bought drinks by Ken. What a friend. I got in an argument with a girl on the student board that helped bring a glorified frat boy author and sexist creep to “speak,” more like rally ignorance in my opinion, to OSU. We argued civilly, I think.

Tin Armor sounded like they were playing on a 5 foot stage with bad sound. They were. The new songs still breathed pop genious into the dim light of the dead feeling bar.

 I went to pee. Shane came in to pee too. He was trying to make me laugh while I was urinating. Back and forth he swung on the shitter stall door until it snapped off the hinges and he fell into the urinals still holding the door. He hurt his shin. We had to leave. Nothing was fixed, everything was funny though now regrettable.


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