shows # 68 and 69

5/16/09 Columbus, OH @ Under the Bridge

Letters To The Moon

I Woke Up, I Did the Same Thing

Saint Seneca

Zac from Saint Seneca set up an all local out doors show just off of campus. It was under a road bridge on Lane Ave. that crosses the Olentangy River. Part of the bike path goes under the bridge and along the river. There is a cemented area from the path to the base of the bridge, slightly slanting up, perfect for a band to fit and people to gather and watch.

Everything was naturally amplified by the cement arches under the bridge’s structure. The sound filled all the empty space and curved back towards the ground. It sounded surprisingly good. The moths gathered to listen around the tap lights Zac brought to place around the bands on the ground. Everyone had this dim white glow around them. A lot of kids turned out. Over fifty I would say and everyone was a good guest.

LTTM played first. Lisa danced with a tap light while holding it up to my fingers so I could see them in the dark. We played well and our set went over very well. Some people wanted CDs and I did not expect that. I had to run around in the dark to find Lisa and then give the people change, again-running around in the dark.

I Woke Up, I Did the Same Thing played as an acoustic two piece and I liked it better than Glen solo. It made for a fuller sound (2 guitars) and I am always a sucker for good vocal harmonies. Their theatrical, falsetto, strange and pervy lyrics danced over quiet indie-pop workings on the strings.

Saint Seneca can perform so naturally well and they did. I liked seeing them outside. I felt like we were animals gathering for a ceremony of celebration. It was a connection with water and trees and outside air. Circle of life Lion King type of feeling. The sound became a part of it like it was meant to be there. We are people meant to be outside.


Columbus, OH @ Last House on the Left

Seizure Fist

Sunshine S.S

Social Abortion

Pain Killer

Kurt Russell

I made it a double show night, flying on my bike from the bike path to E. Chittenden Ave. The Last House on The Left is exactly what it says it is: Last on the left on “The Chitt.”  Shit goes down on Chitt. The worst of mindless collegiate partying and a rough part east of Summit and then a house of metal and crust maniacs. The train tracks are a 40oz bottle’s toss away. Shows at Last House balance between fun and out of control. People are drunk. People are yelling. People’s brains suffer loss of intelligence (for better of worse), and people mosh. They mosh in a small living room the entire night. Sweaty shirtless bodies are colliding with studded vests while a naked kid crowd surfs and the dry wall just got another hole in it and the window just broke and the cops might be here.

I had beers and people slamming into me hurt less and yelling people seemed more tolerable. I kept my bike helmet on. In the sweet company of Maryn and Chelsea, I was bouncing off of walls and occasionally off of them.

The music is a blur in my mind of blast beats. Seizure fist was fucking intense and pissed. They had my favorite set of the night with Kristina pouring all her pent up anger through her throat. SO harsh. Kenton pick slid his way into the hearts off all those anxious to thrash.

I saw locals Pain Killer for the first time. HC with a crust influence. Low female vocals delivered by Ana from Mexico. Fun and raw circle pit but flap music. Ana conjures up mean grimaces as she yells from down deep. They are an animated band; exciting to watch. Ana kind of hypervenelated mid set because it was hot and packed.

Hardcore punk came from Sunshine S.S (NC) and Social Abortion (Columbus). Kurt Russel added themselves to the show which was not surprising at all. I walked home with Maryn and Chelsea and felt like we did a really good job at having a really good time (see my header picture for proof).


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  1. chelsea

    sunshine s.s. is from north carolina, not boston. one of the boys just happened to grow up in new hampshire with me and they took a kid from boston on tour with them. but they live in north carolina.

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