show # 71

5/23/09 Columbus, OH @ Monster House

Smart Girls

Mountain Asleep

Heath Deadger

There was a good gathering of Columbus people at our house for this show. The night was stress free and we all just hung out. Smart Girls (local) were shoegazer/indie type of stuff. They had a sound that was always swelling up and down; very wave like. The vocals had a thin sound half opened mouth delivery. They were almost like another instrument to add droney higher pitches. They were hard to hear so we cranked the PA. They were still hard to hear. What I heard was good, I just wanted more.

Mountain Asleep (KY) was on with their noodle noodle melodic hardcore. Ben, the drummer, works pretty hard with lots of cymbal grabbing and tempo changing. I really want them to have something other than a tour demo. I would like it captured on a full length recording. Live, they can be very powerful when they are not arguing in between songs.

This was my favorite Heath Deadger set to date. They killed it. They were tighter than normal and the energy between them and the crowd only grew through out their set. We clumsily kind of moshed with smiles on our faces. A high school friend of Mickey’s in the basement really wanted to mosh. Mickey’s motorcycle Mom and Dad were at the show; drinking on the porch, rocking out in the basement. Punk rock is a family thing.

After the show, a huge group of us hiked down town to the convention center for the MARCON (Multiple Alternative Realities Convention) after parties. We stormed the Hyatt Regency Hotel to join trekkies, trolls, and other fantasy characters for a good time. We ended up just crowding elevators, stomping up and down the loud metal stairs, and dancing and yelling in the lobbies of each floor. We also got ejected from a dance party and rejected from just about every hotel room that was having a MARCON sanctioned party. No pass? No entry! We tried to make fake passes. I tried to use my “Official Buddy of Amanda Bartley” card to get in one. No luck. The door guardians were pissed and very serious about defending their parties. I cannot blame them. A lot of the fun came from seeing a bunch of Columbus people that I don’t hang out with much. You couldn’t run down a hall with out passing a familiar face. We would ask, “Did you get in one?” People would be on their cell phones saying, “Where are you? Can we get in!?” Finally, it happened. All of us who walked from the show and a bunch of other Columbus rowdies piled into one room. The offered booze was gone fast. Jumping on the bed and dancing is a rule for being in a hotel room that we honored. We walked home at 4 in the morning climbing and jumping around. One of Troy’s friends in front of me on High St. kept littering and I was picking it up and throwing it in the trash. Then he needed White Castle. Me and Jake Gangly from Mountain Asleep sat on the cement with backs against White Castle, unhappy at the thought of anything on their menu, except maybe onion rings, happy we decided to stay out late and be obnoxious. Sometimes it feels OK.

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